The Ice King

By sameer3241 on December 17th, 2020
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
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I just created this charr cuz the holiday season was on my mind and wanted to share it. I am new to this so these are just amateur clicks. Hope you guys like it. Behold 'The Ice King'. For Some reasons I am not able to specify armor so ill list all that is to it.
The dye is same for all which is Core Ice.
The infusion i used is Frost Legion infusion.
Headpiece - Enchanted Winter Antlers
Shoulder - Winter's Presence
Chestpiece, Leggings and Boots are Perfected Envoy armor
Arms - Dominion Tribune Manica
Weapons used are Frostfang, Mythic Staff, The Flameseeker Prophecies, Glacial Scepter, Frostforged Torch
Accessories are Spellforged Backpack, Aurora, Vision, Transcendence, Coalescence, Conflux.
The chair is Glacial Chair


I'd give a gold, but backpack and legendary trinkets effects add a lot of unnecessary noise rather than style. A typical raider charr guy will always looks the same: the same hairstyle (standing hairs), legendary armor and a lot of visual clutter floating around (stacking all possible infusions + legendary trinkets). It's a lack of taste, not a fashion. And doesn't make you unique among the others.

I believe orbs and backpack don't suit this look well, especially backpack. However, I must admit, everything else look really co~o~ol~l. Those glacial throne screenshots brings me back to Bjora Marches meta, you could be a final boss in there! :D

Also consider some camera settings. For screenshots I'd really recommend increase field of view and play with offsets. It gives a different perspective feeling.

Good job and thanks for sharing!
2020-12-18 5:44

Fashion Collector
1000% much better than your presentation. Proof that you can make it better. Good luck!
2020-12-18 16:19

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