Thief of Hearts

By Melkino on December 15th, 2020
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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By day, he presented himself as a unassuming traveler with a penchant for parlor tricks and fanciful tales. The passersby were amused by the novelty of an illusionist charr, and they'd tip a silver or two. Some of the more adventurous ones, wanting to learn more about him, invited him to stay a while. These encounters would occasionally go on long after the sun had set, but he didn't mind. He had all the time he needed.

By night, he'd be long gone with a few valuables that could be sold off in the next town without a trace. Unless it was something too useful to part with, like a blade or two to channel magic through.
Charm the mark, steal their heart...the con felt too easy at times. Yet a thought lingered in the back of his mind: when would all these lies catch up to him?
This look is an attempt at rolling my own greatsword-wielding thief, inspired by discussions where people wanted that as part of their third elite spec. I also wanted to make a non-flashy character, so I avoided glowy equipment in favor of earth tones and skins with studded metal accents. Hopefully it all makes him look less like a mesmer and a bit more like a rogue out of a gritty fantasy setting :)

Armor and dyes:
Priory's Historical Cowl (Shale, Darkness)
Houndskin Mantle (Charred, Mint Frost, Arrogance)
Requiem Gambeson (Charred, Crushed Bone, Arrogance, Abyss)
Stone Summit Gauntlets (Spite, Mint Frost, Dry Silver)
Runic Shaman Pants (Shale, Tarnished Silver, Rose Tint, Shadow Abyss)
Mursaat Brogans (Black, Antique Olive, Cinders, Midnight Yew)
Dragon's Watch Cape (Charred, Arrogance, Cinders, Spite)

Weapons: Merciless Greatsword, Save the Queen

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Very nice cover screenshot !!

He looks like a forest bandit, good job !

2020-12-15 16:34

Fashion Guru
I love it so much! The armor mix is great and the screenshots too! Goooold
2020-12-16 12:26

Arguably the most common Charr face, and a really popular shoulder piece, and yet it still looks unique and full of personality.

That's quite a feat, so it's a 5/5 for everything. Gold.
2020-12-17 7:34

A nice and toned down look, I wish GW2 was full of such armor instead of nuclear-explosion-light-flash thingies. The only thing I have concerns about are legs. Because of heavily-looking badass boots, leg armor feels more like tights (see the last screenshot), which visually makes the lower part of your character heavier, especially in the area around knees.

But gold is gold, and I concur with the comments above.
2020-12-18 5:55

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Hi melkino awesome look again, i loved your noble beast from a while ago. by the way i made a fashion/art guild called styled to death. i think u would really fit in. we got over 200 + members and we do contests/events and stream/giveaway.
if you would be interested to join would u pm me ingame to Deathblade.4856? or just mail me.

Gold btw
2020-12-18 6:14

Thank you all for the comments and feedback! ^^

@kenny I've heard of the guild, but I'm on NA though
2020-12-18 11:12

Amazing work! Well done, gold for me.
2021-02-12 9:14

Really good screenshots 10/10
2021-08-06 20:26

I absolutely love it. Sometimes being a glowing blob isn't what I want, this is perfect.
2022-01-22 0:05