(Color Clash) Havroun of the Wolverines

By Mekhi Luna on January 14th, 2018
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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My Norn with the Havroun armor (chest, leggings, boots). This look is mostly for the dye job. Not sure if Color Clash is still a thing since the last winner was posted in 2016, but I figured I'd give it a shot anyway. Let me know what you think of the color scheme? I went for a very natural and realistic color scheme with bronze metal accents.


Fashion Guru
Havroun is definitely a beautiful set but you used most of it and not a lot of mixing and matching with different armor pieces so it's difficult to judge the style here. ;)
2018-01-15 9:38

Mekhi Luna
Thank you for your feedback! I'm very new to this site and stumbled upon the Color Clash competition so that's why I used most of the armor. Not sure if Color Clash is still happening as I saw that the last winner was posted in April 2016 lol
2018-01-15 10:18 in reply to Beanna

The armour set is mostly just havroun. But I see u made this look for the dye job and the dyes is really nice :)
2018-01-15 14:30

Fashion Guru
Her face is fantastic
2021-10-18 2:04

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