Sands of Time

By Raha on November 30th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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9 1
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Every particle of the world is a mirror.
In each atom blazes forth the light of a thousand suns.
Open the heart of a raindrop and you will find a hundred oceans.
In a grain of sand lies the seed of a thousand beings.
~Mahmoud Shabestari



I wasn't planning on making a mirage, but I saw the veil for the spec and decided to make a character. I had a hard time finding a good look for him so he sat around for a while, then the shifting sands weapon set came out and I started to build around it because the mirage spec revolves around well, sand. I went for more muted colors to match the set.

Still trying to find a good color for the wires in the warbeast top. I'm also thinking of changing his eye color to green to match the green glow of the weapon set.

I'd be amiss if I didn't mention that Mihrean's look ( helped inspire!

Weapons used:
Shifting sands staff, axe, sword, focus, pistol

(P.S. I have no clue why the sand in the veil didn't show up like it was supposed to in some screens, even though all the settings were the same. Sorry about that!)


2017-12-01 14:07

Fashion Guru
That's a gold from me! :) I love that chestpiece on mirage male characters, idk, alot of people do not like the fact that the chest is showing, and some may say it comes across as sissy, but dude, it looks sexy as hell, and gives the characters na awesome desert vibe, i'd be mesmerized by how gorgeous your character is, rather than his profession skillz
2017-12-02 6:00

Fashion Collector
i know! i love the new faces and armor they added with the expansion!
2017-12-03 17:02 in reply to Laevatainn

Fashion Collector
i lovee this chest piece on male characters. guys never get skimpy armors like us girls do! and thanks!!
2017-12-03 17:04 in reply to vgomes93

Fashion Guru
This is a great look, and I love the dye work. Combined with a great presentation, is a gold from me.
2017-12-04 11:05

Fashion Collector
thank you! i'm a fan of the pof maps, so many places for good screens!
2017-12-06 21:59 in reply to jesandsteven

Nice! Gold! Enjoyed a lot! Super sexy character!
2017-12-21 11:44

Fashion Collector
i'm sorry, i totally missed your comment. thank you!
2018-02-10 13:49 in reply to jonygomescardoso

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