Bard of the Oasis

By kuroimarzipan on October 7th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Theme Song: /watch?v=2CYulxUh0k8

"Why don't you come and take a break over here in the shade? I don't mind the company, and I have some marvellous tales to share."

There have been rumours across the Crystal Oasis of a lone woman encountered by travellers along the roads to and from Amnoon. It is said she provides travellers with the information they were looking for in exchange for one of their cherished posessions. The rumours have yet to be proven, but the number of people returning to Amnoon with lighter purses or missing heirlooms has increased of late.

This is my first proper look I've made since coming back to the game after a whole year off. I was very excited to work with the new hairstyles for humans, as well as working on a whole bunch of new characters for the new elite specs!! for Mirage, I wanted to make a travelling bard with a sunset palette. I wanted her weapons to seem thematically haphazard (as they were "received" from others) without clashing too much with the outfit.

Screenshots are taken directly from the game, no FX or photoshop used. Also, since they don't seem to be in the system, I'll specify that the axe skin is the Mirage's Axe, and the harp is from the Sheet Music Glider, dyed Fuchsia and Honeybutter.


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