Surprising Twist, the Charr Necromancer

By Drysoy on July 22nd, 2014
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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3 5
7 0
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Here's a little love for the light armored Charrs out there.


What is the twist? Also the pics are too dark to really tell what your armor has going on here.
2014-07-23 2:09

The twist is that I'm a necromancer that's charr ;) and I'll upload another photo thats more clear!
2014-07-23 2:17

So... Charrs aren't meant to be necros? I can't really follow. Thanks so much for the new pic. I can see colors now =D And I gotta admit that I always love it when people use green, since so little do that. But THAT green looks ugly to me :/
I can dig the armor, tho.
2014-07-23 2:32

Haha well my title is the name of my Charr, Surprising Twist, it gets hard to come up with original names nowadays for me so yeah. And for the green, I was trying to go for a swampy more dark looking sort of feel to compliment the necromancer class! Thanks for the opinions though much appreciated :)
2014-07-23 2:35

Now that I saw the lighted screenshots, scrolling back through them, I actually noticed the one where he's throwing the arm up in the air. I actually laughed, that's a great screen. I have a Charr necro as well and I can appreciate the sickly green colors you've used on him, they're very fitting. Well done.
2014-07-23 2:42

Thanks for the compliments! It's nice to see another Charr necro, we're hard to come by!
2014-07-23 2:48

Fashion Police
The only Armor Class/Race combination less represented on this site than Light/Charr is Medium/Charr. Well, and Town Clothes XD Actually my first Charr character was a necro, and I made her shortly after launch, but I still haven't found armor for her that I'd be happy to share yet. So props to you for holding the charr-armor torch!

I especially love the picture where the front paws are on the ground. Really feels like a charr necro pose!
2014-07-23 16:30