Agent Talon; The Queensmen

By XynKe on July 20th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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7 4
2 0
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A slim medium armor look

So after endless trying to remake my Thief I finally settled on this look (heres the old one if anyones interested It took me forever to find fitting clothing as I really dont want another medium armor character with a trench coat cause I feel like thieves, in particular, must look sleek as they are always on the move. Extra unnecessary clothing really bugs me in particular, so as I was browsing through the wardrobe I noticed about 95% of the medium chest armors are either trenchcoats or have buttcapes....That was very disappointing, the only ones I like without butt capes are the pvp and wvw medium armor, of course, i had to play both pvp and wvw to get the armor I want; stalward shoulders and brigandine. Overall I had so much fun taking screenshots and designing the whole outfit together I hope you guys enjoy this one. Cheers!!!.

Imgur Link:

Also the pictures actually tell a story about Talon being given an assignment by Queen Jennah about bandits working with nobles, so feel free to interpret the pictures as best as you can.


Elessar Taralom
As always I am not THE biggest fan of the anime aesthetic of the head area, but to each their own I guess
The main armour part of the look is really cool and I love the natural dyes you used!
Topped off with a well made presentation this is definitely a gold for me :)
2017-07-20 9:21

I agree with Elessar about the head, though im an anime fan myself, i feel like the armor-texture is too realistic to match with his clean-cut face and hair. What looks most "out of place" to me are the glasses and his eye-colour. The colour looks to unnatural, especially combined with the natural dye-scheme you have going on the armor.
And the glasses ... well im just not a fan of glasses in this game xD

Ok, critique aside, i really like the overall look you created!
The armor-comb is perfect and i love the natural colours you chose for it!
Your presentation is definitely great! The midair screenshots of Deathblossom remind me of my old AoT look ... good old memories ^,^
Overall great look with great presentation! Gold from me :D
2017-07-20 12:07

Fashion Collector
i looked into your aot cosplay and daanng i just wished there was a male equivalent of that armor
2017-07-20 15:52 in reply to Hylek

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2017-07-20 21:45

As above not a fan of child like head look even as a anime fan. It seems out of place. But that's my only big complaint. The armour is simple and works well together. The dyes are also simple to match the armour but make it look very fitting to the gw2 world. For me, the screenshots are the best part. You obviously went into a lot of detail trying to get the angles right and it really paid off.
2017-07-20 21:46

I like him :)
His anime-like head doesn't bother me at all. It looks good and unique! He doesn't even look thaaat much like an anime character because gw2 definitely looks more realistic than other games and we simply haven't the option to make really big eyes or things like that (which is good imo) :D He doesn't feel as realistic as other characters though, mainly because of his eye/hair colour.
He simply looks like a boy or a teen and I like that.
Also I don't mind the glasses at all and can't fully understand why people always hate on them :D Maybe he hasn't got good eye sight, so why not wear them? I don't think that they look out of place here. Maybe there were better choices but he still looks good with the glasses.
So apart from that, I really like the armor mix! This chest piece is one of the best from medium armor and paired with the stalwart shoulders (also one of my favs) this outfit look really great :) Boots and gloves fit perfectly for a thief and go nicely with this look.
gold from me!
2017-07-21 11:10

Fashion Collector
I Love any non trench coat medium look. Very anime!
2017-07-25 0:36