Talon Valenzio, The Queen's Shadow

By XynKe on February 20th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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3 0
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"Beautiful, Charming and Deadly" -Queen Jennah

"My queen you cannot possibly this thug who you picked up off the streets" a minister with a stern and frustrated tone

"Why do you know who he is good minister?" Jennah asked calmly

"I do not and even so he will become a tarnished to your name her majesty's name" with stubbornness to his tone

"My name or the ministry" she smiled

"I uhh... I see. excuse me your majesty" The minister hurries out of the throne room seemingly embarrassed

"Talon Valenzio, already making a name for himself in the royal court. No matter this is exactly why he's now working for you isn't it my queen" Anise remarks

"Certainly he made quite a few ripples when I suddenly asked him to come to the royal court and gave him the title of queens blade after his successful assassination of the White Mantle Confessor Esthelle"

"Indeed he is quite skillful in the ways of the shining blades, I'm still quite appalled her majesty personally hiring someone off of the streets of Salma. But after reading his reports on his life years prior I see certainly why. Talon Vaenzio born 1305 AE to the late Valenzios and orphaned as a toddler in an orphanage in Salma. His appearance gave him a mysterious and unsettling characteristics. Strange blue eyes, black hair and pale white skin led him to be undesired by hopeful parents. By 18 it seems he left the orphanage and was give 2 aureate daggers and a scarf which was left next to him when he was found in front of the orphanage" Anise now slightly interested in the report

"The Valenzios are loyal subjects and dear friends of mine, I have never told Talon this but I knew his parents and I was at fault for their deaths. The Valenzio family have been loyal subjects for generations and are often the royal spies I thought that the family perished including young Talon during that white mantle attack on their home. But miraculously he alone survived, he is the last of the Valenzio one of the most deadly blades the royal family has kept in the shadows and I will keep that loyalty and bloodline intact" the queen glared with regret

"I also see as to why Talon has been making controversy as of late within the ministry. It seems by the age of 18 he was hired in a brothel in the Salma District, it seemed the head proprietress took quite a liking to his eyes which I have noticed to be as blue as the foefire in Ascalon. It seems Talon has a reputation of being the most popular male workers in the red light districts in Salma. It also says that over the months he has been working his patrons often gave him secrets to things happening in their personal and social life. Interestingly enough. He also reported that a few ministers have entered the brothel and requested for his services including that minister who just opposed hiring Talon just now." Anise quickly darting over the pages

"My this is quite interesting don't you think Anise?"

"Yes my lady, having a spy with the experience and knowledge of blackmailing, manipulation and tenacity will certainly be an asset to the crown"

"On the last page it gives the names of over 100 names of his customers and the locations of where they lived, most are from here in this city, a few from Lion's Arch, Hoelbrak, and Ebonhawke. It seems I will have an interesting time reading these. And oh look here's the name Faren, my how outrageous, I certainly would love to hear the story from Talon himself" Anise gave a slight laugh

"Why Anise you can ask our dear friend now, how was your first job Talon?"

"Excellent your majesty, the 3 tribal elders of the Harathi clan have been assassinated and it would take quite awhile until the Harathi can have a unified tribe to lead the raids. I advise that Logan sent a batallion immediately while theyre still unorganized. Now I hear that Lady Anise wants to ask something from me?"

"Why yes come into my office and have a cup of tea, I feel we will talk for quite some time"


Love the 3rd person story definition
2017-02-20 3:31

omg i love ur thief is so cute >O
2017-02-21 18:11

Fashion Collector
Yep thats what I intended for him to look. I feel like there's way too much moody looking thieves and I wanted to make one that has this cute yet dangerous thief who uses his looks and charms to either lure someone in and get information out of them/blackmail or to assassinate. Because of his feminine looks, he always gets the ladies and the men
2017-02-21 21:59 in reply to Aldearia

Lucent Mirage
I like your look and your dye on armor so perfectly, Love it!
2017-02-22 7:48

Oh my. I've got a soft spot for these cute-yet-cool-looking anime-like adolescent male characters :D (my warrior is also kinda like that)
Armor and dyes are nothing too special, but they definitely work for me.
I really like this character overall so I'm giving you a gold :)
Nevertheless, a screen from character select would always be appreciated.
2017-02-26 16:18

kyaaaa this character is so boyfriend material
2017-05-19 23:53