Possessed Dragon Slayer

By Nemitri on December 4th, 2016
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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1 3
1 0
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Tybone Razorclaw is the only survivor of the Claw clan after a scouting mission to the Earthshake Basin where they encountered a fearsome minion of Jormag. Partially wounded and corrupted Tybone grew crystal wings which allows hm to glide.

Ever since this tragey, Tybone has sworn to fight any dragon minion of Jormag to exact reveng uon his fallen clan and restore his honor as a Charr Warrior!


Cute charr
2016-12-04 21:03

2016-12-05 9:19

Fashion Guru
Ohoho! This Charr looks awesome! What a icy view. Nice dye job, I know how much Shadow Abyss cost, hurts my walllet to see this :D Great job anyway :)
2018-06-20 12:34