By kali on October 1st, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Got all tribal for my ele, just need to find matching weapons.

I do have Mursaat back piece on but its just not visible for the images.
Same goes for the weapon im using for now, Glittering Staff.

If anyone has ideas for matching weapons let us hear it!


I hear you guys and hey she is a bit boring but im so excited tribal around is again gettable.
I like Hyleks idea of the " fairy shaman or sth".
achieved? idk any dye help would be appreciated and im torn between the Mursaat or the wings for a "fairy" look (kinda)?

and i suck at camera stuff...


Well, as much as i love the whole tribal armor ... this is a bit boring imo :S
Your colour-scheme is literally 50 shades of grey, which is a bit bland too.
Also, theres a lot you could improve on your screenshots. First thing i noticed: every screens is extremely zoomed out, i can hardly enjoy the armor-comb here. since its rather difficult to see.
To your description: Why do you specify the backpiece and staff when you didnt use it in any screen? You even wrote it yourself ...

What i would suggest to improve this look:
If you want to use the glittering staff that bad, adjust the colour-scheme to it and make her look like a fairy shaman or sth.
To present it, you should then go to magical places (the grove would already be very fitting) and take some better screens. You should play with the camera options therefore.

All in all, your character doesnt look bad, but its hard to look bad when using a full armor-set ;)
To make it a nice upload you wouldve needed much better screens and colours imo, so theres much room for improvement.

2016-10-01 6:21

Elessar Taralom
If you choose to go with a full armour set you do have to make up for the lack of creativity in the other categories imo and you did not fully achieve that
I really like your dyes as they are natural and earthy and go well with your grey skin and I do feel that you could just show the Mursaat backpiece as it fits your overall appearance
The Glittering staff doesn´t really fit here; I´d rather go for a ritualistic style (Etched, Modniir, Orrian, Godskull...)
As for the screens I agree with Hylek; you should find more fitting locations (like the swamp in Queensdale for example) and play with the camera settings a little more, presentation matters ^^
2016-10-01 8:03