black/abyss+white cause im boring

By kali on February 4th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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sorry for the shitty screens but i wanted to share.
even though she is the classic black/white now im still fond of her get up.

Or do you guys think the brown/orange looks a bit better than the grey-scale?

She is also wearing lucky great monkey lantern backpack but its not in the options.

I'm thinking of make here full bladed in the long run.

Took some advice on the dye scheme. I think she might not go full blalded anymore either but i cant find any book that are different that i like yet either. (thanks guys)

She is a Mesmer by the way. I feel she needs some purple.. :( xD


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2016-02-04 1:14

Elessar Taralom
I really like this reduced colour scheme, only thing where just two dyes work for me actually!
And donĀ“t make her full bladed, she looks way more original like this~
2016-02-04 4:03

Fashion Guru
1. Please don't change to full bladed, this works so well!
2. I prefer the black/white colors. This is a great example of Abyss not destroying the textures as it so often does.
3. I don't think you should take out the Mask, as KatrelGirl stated, it works great!
4. The backpiece and weapons doesn't fit very well in my opinion. I would probably just lose the backpiece, and try to find some other weapon skins.
and last little thing, a few more screenshots wouldn't hurt :)
2016-02-04 7:31

Fashion Collector
Abyss/Black and Celestial/White are really overused dyes, but if used properly they can look amazing.
I like most of the armor, but I'd do a few changes.
1 - I'd go white on the 3rd color of your shoulder to add more detail.
2 - I'd swap 2nd and 3rd colors on the chest. I think the white part on the neck look strange since you're using a shoulder piece (It get more discrete if it go black instead), and I think having the outer part of the chest white go well with the rest of the white details.
3 - I just can't like Sorcerer's Shoes. It never look good for me, no matter how hard i try to like it. I'd problably go with Carapace or Glorious boots instead.
4 - I'd go Magician Mask instead of Ascalonian performer. I feel Ascalonian make it look like you have a really big nose.
2016-02-04 11:32