Team Dominator - Mission From the Future

By Elessar Taralom on March 15th, 2016


"Kryta, 2340 AE; Mission: Search and Destroy"


Gender – female
Age – 26
Origin – Thari family, one of the two remaining human houses
Qualification – graduation with honors at the high-college of applied time-assassination
Successful missions – 7

Gender – male
Age – unknown
Origin – found at the Southpilon testlab in old Metrica
Qualification – extreme combat skills, proven at various illegal fighting-tournaments
Successful missions – 12


- Two Dominator Staves, Model QL988, Standard Termination Module _
- Cybernetic Eye Enhancements, right _
- Chameleon Coating _
- Airborne-Reistent Gasmask _
- Cybernetic Leg Enhancements, both legs _


- Codename AZ-317: Eye enhancements can spot weak spots in the enemy´s armour; decoding and hacking of technological devices; agile stealth kills through Chameleon coating _

Codename QX-648: Absolute resistence against airborne illnesses and/or gas attacks; sheer, brutal power and strong attacks; increased agility and speed through leg enhancements _


"Go back to the year 1328 AE. Find and eliminate Vlarrk the Ambitious. Following his massive scientific break-throughs and his charismatic leadership, he will be the seed for the Great Asuran Republic which will come to dominate all of Tyria in only a few years time. Terminating him will result in the Asuran powers to lose their driving force. Instead of a tyrannic ruler that will pressure all other races to the brink of extinction we´ll be able to maintain the balance between the races and peace in Tyria!
You´ll have to infiltrate his laboratory and get past his guards. Don´t let your superior equipment fool you: he will be heavily guarded and he will have a few aces up his sleeves, so proceed with caution!" _


- Vlakk the Ambitious, 57, Lead Scientist of the Hedron Compound; develops Leyline energy powered golems being used for ultimate world domination; as innovative as he is ruthless; very charismatic and designated to overthrow the Arcane Council in his plans; already has an immense following and is willing to surpress every voice of resistance _


Hylek and Elessar here! We want to present our very first group look, an assassin duo sent from the future to rescue mankind from ultimate Asuran domination! Since we both immediately got the same ideas revolving around the Dominator Staff, we decided to team up and bring you this group project full with solo and group look! We invested roughly around six hours in screening with the result of roughly 5000 screens for both solo looks and the duo look combined and we had tons of fun with it! We can only encourage everyone to try group screening for themselves - even though it was chaotic at times, the sheer joy of surprising each other with great shots was well worth the twisting, jumping and dancing around for hours!
We hope you enjoy the look as much as we did while creating it! ^^


Fashion Guru
omg, I think this is the first group look I saw on here and it is AMAZING!!! your story, your screens, everything is just......maaaaaaaaaaaan
I hope you two keep doing stuff together, you two are just the masterminds of fashion
2016-03-15 20:48

Fashion Guru
omg, for some reason it doesn´t let me vote gold?!?! so sorry guys, I hope this gets fixed DDDD:
2016-03-15 20:49

Won't let me vote gold, but I'll just say I have my sliders all set to max for this one. Love this! *fangirling intensifies*
2016-03-15 22:13

Same here, voted gold and came up with the blurry shit below bronze...

Hope it gets fixed, you guys deserve the golden award for this theme ! :D
2016-03-16 5:28

Fashion Guru
This needs to work it deserves every golden medal this site Could offer!
I am sure you had some fun doing those screens and they turned out amazingly. They are so fierce and dangerous and making a damn good Team (like Team Rocket but more successful)! They need their own serie or movie or whatever Because I wanna See more of them x3
I am simply in love with your two creations!
2016-03-16 7:10

I already commented seperatly, so you know, I love your looks, and in combinaiotn threy are just amazing! The location you chose for the shooting is perfect. I'm impressed how much efford you spend with the detailed description and story, it's so great!!!
Taking screens must have been rough with two characters, but you did an excelent job!
As soon as the voting is fixed, you will get your GOLD! :)
2016-03-16 8:16

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
if this was a serie i would totally watch this 10/10
2016-03-16 10:14

guys this is the best :D the screens are so freaking cool, i just gotta love it
2016-03-16 11:01

Fashion Guru
OMG you guys!!! I have no sliders at all to vote on this :O It would of course be GOLD! I would love to see what else you guys come up with , this is amazing!
2016-03-16 11:22

5/7 - love it!
2016-03-16 11:27

Fashion Guru
Waaoooow *-*
I guess it was worth the wait.. Omg guys I'm so happy to see your collaboration! You too make an amazing duo ! :D
The idea behind those looks is genius. The story is amazing. Dominator Team rules ! ;)
It really looks like your characters belong together and form a perfect team. The armors really look futuristic!
I guess it wasn't that easy to take the screens but omg you made a perfect job! They look so cool!
I hope to see more collaboration in the future!
Perfect job guys! GOOOOOLD! (even if I can't vote ? )

2016-03-16 11:47

Fashion Guru
ooooooh.. gosh.
i'm moved for how you guys did this perfect combo! really, this is incredible.
More i look at this site and more i love you guys that are so artistic and you give me this amount of inspiration. thank you so much for that!
i want to give you a diamond vote if i could, not a gold xD very good job guys :D
2016-03-16 13:01

Great minds think alike :D Group look of your duo is like Christmas Eve and Birthday at once XD
Two great looks on one screens, whoa!! Amazing collaboration, I'm sure it was lots lots of fun during it :)
Thumbs up *heart*
2016-03-16 13:44

Awesome idea, armor combination, dyes and screenshots! To be honest... everything and the information aswell ;)
It would be cool if we use more Group Looks :)
2016-04-11 17:54

Fashion Guru
Female version is awesome Male is just ok
2016-05-22 18:38

Oh wow, looks badass!
2016-06-10 3:11