Hawk Dragonhunter

By magikmoon on March 15th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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I show you my new guardian "Hawk Dragonhunter" !
I'm passionate by birds, specially parrots and bird of prey.
A friend had the kindness to offer me the falcon wings that I loved.
I hope you enjoy it!


Fellow bird person! :)
I'd love to see some more pics of your character. A good Wings of Resolve shot would be absolute gold from me. You might want to consider using some more natural-looking/sharper armor, though - just look at what some of the recent "harpy queen" looks have featured. Have fun armor-mixing!
2016-03-15 12:38

Fashion Collector
Imgur is slow for me today. I wait for it to put more screens ;)

I love the look of "harpy queen" but it's a light armor... i didn't found a "natural-looking" in heavy armor :( I will see in game soon if i can do something more "natural" ;)

Thank for your comments, KestrelGirl :D
2016-03-15 13:21 in reply to KestrelGirl

Fashion Collector
screens updated
2016-03-15 14:03

Try Billy's - it's sylvari heavy.

Love the pics! This gets a gold from me!
2016-03-15 15:40 in reply to magikmoon

Fashion Collector
I like the colors on this and how they match the wings, somenthing not many people are capable to these days.
The armor also looks good but I think you should change a piece or two of the vigil ones. 3 pieces of the same armor doesn't help bringing originallity to the look.
2016-03-16 0:23

Fashion Collector
Thank you KestrelGirl :)
2016-03-16 6:20 in reply to KestrelGirl

Fashion Collector
Thank you Jeknar! I always try to match colors with weapons and backpiece. For me, it's the only way to do a beautiful skin ;)
I would like to find another boots...but i didn't found something good :( If you have an idea, i will try it ;)
2016-03-16 6:22 in reply to Jeknar

Fashion Collector
Unfortunely, I don't really have a "pick-it-up" suggestion here.
One of my favorite heavy boots is the Paws of Koda tho. Problably the best simple looking one among the heavies.
You can also try the Nightmare Court boots since you're using the gloves.
2016-03-17 0:08 in reply to magikmoon

Fashion Collector
I try "paws of Koda" it's beautiful!
2016-03-17 8:17 in reply to Jeknar