Dark witch

By magikmoon on September 4th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
Vote Breakdown
7 13
2 0
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I'm open to suggestions.


Fashion Guru
Good that I scrolled past the first two pictures which are a bit unclear. Since the char select images show she's beautiful, really well made outfit! Also fits very well with the hairstyle, gold medal from me :D

I do think you can get more suitable weapons though, the Inquest ones match in colour but not really in style.
2015-09-04 23:37

Fashion Collector
Don't think the Inquest weaponry fits, as Gaebriel said!
She looks alright, though two out of three of your screenshots are errr... kinda mediocre.
2015-09-05 2:46

Fashion Collector
If you have an idea for weapons, I will be very happy :)
(maybe primordus weapons?)
I will try to find a place in day....yesterday, it was night on all maps :(
Thank for comments! ;)
2015-09-05 12:45

Fashion Collector
Not sure about Primordus weaponry, otherwise, mainly just need screenshots where your character is a bit more visible and more in view.
2015-09-06 4:19

Fashion Collector
ok! i will do more better screens and search some weapons ;)
2015-09-06 10:31

Fashion Collector
update look ;)
2015-09-06 15:23

Glorious Bees
Fashion Collector
Gold for the outfit and I suggest the middle staff
2015-09-07 5:03

Fashion Collector
Thank you Glorious :)
2015-09-07 6:41

Fashion Collector
Middle staff is love, middle staff is life.
Changed my vote to silver :D
2015-09-07 6:47

Fashion Collector
Thx Tim! farm farm farm for middle staff ;)
2015-09-07 13:36