Queen's Guards (SERAPH) Arrested

By ieva on August 8th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Gold
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Have a snack during lunch break or after work? Even in royal regions this seems to be common practice. So Queen Jennah's guards indulged themselves in a midnight snack - and got into a real brawl. Logan Thackeray himself had to move out and apparently the men were not entirely innocent of the wrangling. They were even arrested!
The five so-called Seraph Guards do not only seem to have taken something against hunger: As the Divinity's Reach newspaper reports, their security guards are said to have drunk one about the thirst before. Alcoholized it then came in the night from Friday to Saturday in a bar to a fight between altogether several roughnecks. The most piquant thing: The fight took place in Salma District, only a few meters away from the Seraph Headquarters, where the royal soldiers are accommodated. Also Royal Palace is only a stone's throw away - and the Queen was even at home at the time of the crime. Among the roughnecks was also a high-ranking Seraph - captain Kas.
A Seraph spokesman told the newspaper reporter: "We can confirm that five Seraph Guard soldiers were arrested in connection with the investigation." He did not yet explain what the consequences would be for the guards.

This is my Story (*inspired by of the personal story part "On the Mend")
Today I present my new Seraph Soldat version. When I saw the Luminous armor head/shoulder parts I immediately thought of Seraph. This fits perfectly to the Golden Wing weapons.
At first I chose similar colors to Seraph NPCs wear, but that was a bit monotonous and boring. I think Ember Red dye makes it all look a little more modern and fresh.
I was wondering where to capture my freshly baked seraph. There I remembered a real incident about 1 year ago, where Queens Elizabeth II. Guards were arrested for fighting in kebab shops. I used Story Instance where in GW2 there was also a bar brawl. So scenario for my photo shooting was born...
I hope you can laugh a bit while watching from screens.
Environmental weapon: Empty Bottle


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