Spicy Steampunk Mesmer-Lady

By DioHard on July 28th, 2014
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
Vote Breakdown
13 11
21 6
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One of my many looks, but a pretty recent one.
I wanted something steampunky for a long time now and since I bought the aetherblade armor for my asura, I used some of it here, too.
At first I didn't dye it red, but the pant-pieces does dye really unsatisfying. You can only use one dye for the whole skirt part. The details, the pant beneath and the skirt itself. The other two colors dye the belt and the metal parts.
Then I threw my "Flame" dye on it and it works wonders, cause of the contrast the color has it looks like 2 different colors put in there. The bright parts are almost golden and fit well with the illumination dye.
For the other red parts the Flame dye didn't match the tone, so I used orange dye, to get a nearly identical color.
Then I used my phoenix sword again cause of the flame dye.


Oh wow, your mesmer looks fantastic. Never knew Flame dye looked so good.
2014-07-28 5:32

Thank you so much! =^_^=
I was really surprised about those dyes, too!
I also own Enamled Green, seems like they all dye in two shades at once.
2014-07-28 6:04

Your mez looks cool in her style, but it's not mine. Nice harmony with dyes, nice haircut, but I still think steampunk style should not exist in GW2.
2014-07-28 11:01

Fashion Collector
I know from experience what a pain it is to dye that Aetherblade skirt (honestly is there any item in the game with more disappointing dye channels?), so props to you for making it work. I really like this look, it's cool and unique.
2014-07-28 12:56

I'm no fan of the top, it looks bulky for some reason O.o Nonethelss I'll have to give you points for style and color, really adore what you did.
2014-07-28 15:12

Thank you, guys! Always happy about comments! =)
@Benus: I get where you are coming from, but steampunk shouldn't exist? It' pretty bold to say that in a game that has rifles, pistols and flying airships? With asuran technology (golems, ...) and the Aetherblade as enemies that represent steampunk in a very clear way.
Also it is good to know that GW2 is placed 8000-9000 years after GW1. So they should be even more advanced if you ask me :D
2014-07-29 1:48

Fashion Police
Not sure where you got that 8-9000 years number from? The events of GW1's last expansion took place in 1078AE and present day in GW2 is 1327AE.

Although the dyes are very-well selected here, something about the skirt and shirt together isn't quite working for me. The high waist suggested by the shirt paired with the dropped waistline on the skirt just seems a little confused. A good attempt, but I think that skirt is with zodiac pants in the 'does not play well with others' group.
2014-07-29 2:48

You are right, they are in the "does not play well with others' group" and that is exactly why I make em play well with others. Zodiac plays well with Seer's Breastpiece for example. I love to have challenges =)
2014-07-31 4:29

Fashion Guru
Love it :D if they had some glasses that fit the genre, I'd recommend those for the headpiece. Not sure that they do, though :(
2014-08-16 1:06

Jan Regal
Fashion Guru
Just love it.

Gold from me.
2014-10-29 10:49

Fashion Guru
2014-12-10 4:33