Inquest Mark II Knight-Squad Leader

By DioHard on June 12th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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Finally back with a new look!

I saw the new Inquest Mark II Weapons and thought to myself, that is reason enough to finally make a Skin with red highlights, that has nothing to do with fire themes.
So I tried to dye the armor as closely as possible to math the three main colors of the Inquest MK II Sword, and I found that Deep Glacial works perfect for the darkish grey-blue main color.

I love how you can make the Jackal Armor Pieces look any way you like, every piece should be allowed to be dyed this way, especially Zodiak armor, amirite?

I didnt want the chest and legplates to take too much focus away from the Jackal Parts and the red highlights, so I wanted to create a contrast between the busy and wild gloves and boots and the rather clean rest of the armor and the Inquest Mark II Weapons.

Only Piece I wasnt sure about was the shoulders, but I liked to incorporate the Guardian Shoulders, for the highlight (red symbol) and also to make it clear that this is not a warrior.

For the headpiece I wanted something simple that allows me to create another red highlight, and the Wreath is perfect for that. Also gives her that "Leader-Touch" so she doesnt just look like an Inquest Footsoldier.

For my Bow, I didnt like the Bulkyness of the Inquest Mark II, so I chose the Bloodstone one instead.

I love the icy skin for the Raptor so I went nuts on dying this guy into an Inquest scheme and I love it. Feels almost like she could be a medival Sithlord.

I am open to any feedback and suggestions!


Man, that looks amazing.
2018-06-13 8:15

Thanks so much! :)
2018-06-13 9:30 in reply to Lokiii