Mawdrey The Third

By DioHard on September 12th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Purple
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13 10
3 1
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So after finally finishing Mawdrey & Mawdrey II (I know I'm late to the game), I read the text from the backpack and I really felt somewhat of a connection after all I did to get it and how happy I was once I had it.
So I imagined a story:

My Mesmer Lakonia Irving planted Mawdrey II in her Garden (Home Instance) and let it grow. After a few months she found in her garden the first sylvari to ever not "grow on a tree" and at first she was very afraid that Mordremoth might have his tendrils in play here, but Mawdrey was so thankful to her "mother" Lakonia that she joined her cause and now is a proud defender of Tyria against any threat. Her Sylvarian Dog is named after her Mother (she is a ranger) and she uses fractal weapons because that is where she was trained for battle by her mother.
Her second (and third - minipet) are two white twin owls: Errol and Errol. (get the reference? ;)

Yeah... that much for her backstory.
So keep in mind that I created a style that looks like she is all "one piece" grown out of Mawdrey, that's why the color scheme is the same on the whole body.

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Real Nice!
2015-09-13 6:56

love the colours, they match perfectly fine with the fractal weapons! gold :)
2015-09-13 7:27

Fashion Collector
The stuff is simple but there is a real job on dyes so Gold ^^
2015-09-13 12:49

Fashion Guru
2015-09-16 14:55

Thank you for your nice comments =))
2015-09-16 16:41

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