Techie-Ele the modern Asuran Mage

By DioHard on July 28th, 2014
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
7 13
13 5
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For my little Dhalia here I had the Idea to mix up traditional elemental belief with the technical advantage of the asuran race.
In other words she was born and raised in a very techological advanced family and was still always interested in the "oldfashioned" elements.
This is not only represented through her look, to which she sais: "I don't get why all Elementalists wear this useless cloth. Why not hold on to something a little bit more advanced for combat?"
Her nighvision Helmet comes in handy in dungeons and caves, too.

Her weapon sets consist of a Leyline-Staff which she inherited from her grandfather, a set of two daggers, one representing the ancient elements and one representing the present technology.
Completed by a super-scepter and some flowing ice-like shards as a focus.
She crafted those herself out of boredom.


Fashion Guru
Maybe u should go for some more green bluedye idk maybe try one of the Teal dyes when u dont show ur headpiece, althout i think it looks best on the asura anyway ^^
2014-07-28 7:41

You mean to match the Hair color? =)
Thanks, I will try that, although I always wanted to use the royal blue dye and am pretty happy with it.
2014-07-28 8:33

hahaha the helmet makes it look creepy and dorky at the same time, thats just purrfect! Maybe the chest a bit less blue more blue/green to match the hair?
2014-07-28 15:15

Fashion Guru
this is very cute, have a gold.
2014-07-29 10:19

i'm not a big fan of full armorsets. And i guess you could change the chest for a cultural 1 or 3. for a more diverse look. but that is your choice alone ofcourse :)
2014-08-08 10:45

Fashion Collector
Small and cute!
2014-11-01 15:57