Feline Grace - Halloween 2017: Catwoman

By Iris on October 28th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Here is a short and sweet post with my take on Halloween 2017 costume: Catwoman (a very 'kinky' one). The entire setup is based on my old "dominatrix" look: http://gw2style.com/look.php?id=9784 and upped the wild side with the new bounty hunter helmet. The hat strongly reminds me of the curvy, hairy ears of a big lynx. So I intentionally dye the center part with a soft contrasting color to guide the eyes to the illusion of the Catwoman's mask (despite using a much bigger cat reference). The short-sleeved vest takes inspiration from Halle Berry's version of Catwoman to showcase her delicious brown skin.

I hope you enjoy the look and I look forward to reading your feedback and comments.

In the mean time, happy Halloween!


Nice cosplay! Take it a step further by taking screens in locations other than the PvP and fractal lobby. Swing from the clock tower...???
2017-10-28 23:33

Fashion Guru
Mad King's Clock Tower? Nice suggestion but I have aversion for that content.
2017-10-28 23:37 in reply to KestrelGirl

Fashion Guru
I've been wondering how would people make use of the BountyHunter'w Cowl...I'm proud :D one of the nicest Halloween costumes I have seen around!
About the screenshot locations, Yeah since it's na Halloween look and it seems like you tired to deliver a solid theme with the locations there, I'd have liked to see something like the Lab background and stuff, it's quite easy to get a deserted instance there! :)
Anyways great job! Gold
2017-10-29 5:34

Fashion Guru
Very nice cosplay! I agree with KestrelGirl here, a couple screenshots on the rooftops of a crowded city would fit the character nicely.
2017-10-29 12:48

Fashion Collector
love it~
Id suggest maybe 'charred' or a red for the pants part that you have chocolate, but that just personal opinion.
2017-10-30 3:26

Luna Nightshade
i guess this is as close as you can get ^^
2017-10-30 4:11

Fashion Guru
I use Dark Chocolate to match her skin. I didn't plan to add any other colors to the look to keep it simple and easily recognizable.
2017-10-30 7:38 in reply to Sugar

Fashion Guru
Thanks! I tried a few places but didn't get any good shot. I guess nowhere else is crowded outside the lab farm so I didn't bother to pursue further.
2017-10-30 7:42 in reply to Beanna

Fashion Guru
Thank you!
2017-10-30 7:42 in reply to Luna Nightshade

Elessar Taralom
Really cool cosplay idea, the headpiece really helps it stand out among a lot of similar looks!
The dyes are great, only thing I can nitpick are the screenshot locations, but you did well enough on all other accounts that I can safely give you a gold!
2017-10-30 19:26

Fashion Guru
Puuuurfect :p Gold.
2017-10-30 22:08

Fashion Guru
For a character to wear those pants and get away with it they have to look seriously badass. 100% achievement on that that point! Gold :)
2017-10-31 0:38

Ariel Charming
DAYUMMM I LOVE IT! but to cat ears would make it more feline and what is that whip you got?
2018-08-02 18:23

Fashion Guru
Thank you! I had thought of the cat ears before but they are a bit anime-ish and this hat resembles Hale Berry's Catwoman looks more. So I went with an odd choice of headgear. The whip is the Merciless focus.
2018-08-08 15:02 in reply to Ariel Charming

A lookalike indeed
2019-01-07 10:58

O_O wow! so lovely
2019-01-07 18:54