The Zodiac

By Iris on June 4th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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3 6
1 0
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Ah... the Zodiac, where do I even begin? Such a love-hate relationship after all these years. Such beautiful details yet coloring tends to err to either the cartoonish side or strictly duochrome. Many have tried to make sense of the blue-skinned tights, some simply just ignore the elephant-in-the-room. This is but one of the few attempts to tackle this enigma.

My approach is using a gradient of blue/teal and celestial white to embody the alien divinity of the Zodiac. Aurora and the back piece aren't needed for the total effect. I hope you enjoy the outfit!


Usually not a fan of particle effects but I think you hit the right balance! The armor mix and dyes are excellent, making it seem like a smooth gradient from dark to light tones. The Aurora is also fitting the celestial theme.

I would suggest maybe a different staff but the Glacial staff also looks good to be fair.

Interesting screenshots in EotM too. Good job!
2018-06-05 11:06

nice balanced in colors, effects and armor pieces
well done
2018-06-15 5:53

Fashion Guru
Thank you for your comments. I have browsed through all the staff skins and not yet found the 100% match yet. So the glacial staff gotta make do for now.
2018-06-27 12:29 in reply to Julliant