[Naughty] How I Train My Minions

By Iris on December 11th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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I know this outfit is not everyone's cup of tea - my special someone hates it - but I love the images, the accessories and how everything fits so well together. It feels like a very sombre, moody piece of Alexander McQueen revived in Tom Ford's provoking sexiness. Unabashed, unashamed, unyielding, yet ultimately very woman.

My favorite details: Chains and Feathers, Pointy Masks, Gloves and Boots, Merciless weapons.


Totally badass! Perfect for a Necro!
2015-12-11 19:57

She's absolutly gorgeous well done ! Gold from me :)
2015-12-12 8:36

Hey :D I like the outfit. I uploaded a quite similar look. I really like the use of the mask. I fits perfectly. But you can play a little bit more with highlighting dyes to bring out more details. And I love the weapons you choose. Good job!
2015-12-12 9:16

Fashion Guru
@Silvertree: I had played with some different color highlighting before I came to conclusion that less highlight looks better for me. My necro's hair color is pretty dominant and more importantly, the pure-ish black overall highlights her rather fair complexion much better. With less color distraction, the unusual curve, slit and silhouette stand out even with maximum zoom out. In that train of thought, I also choose Charred for a subtle metallic highlight to just give enough volume on the boob area.

I like your presentation of the set a lot. Glad to see your comment here.
2015-12-13 12:20

Ariel Charming
nice, what was that shade doing behind you though
2018-08-02 18:27

Fashion Guru
;) He was actually in front of me, but I see what you did there ~
2018-08-08 15:03 in reply to Ariel Charming