Primeval Scion (v.2)

By Iris on January 6th, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
5 3
1 0
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"I feel trapped in this this "legacy." I yearn for freedom, but I cannot turn away from these responsibilities."

— Vlast

Vlast is the first scion of Glint. Given the chance of the encounter, the hero witnesses his tragic demise and recounts his journey from the scattering crystal fragments of memory. The thought of embodying Vlast is tantalizing. In Hearts of Thorn, my sylvari was tasked with the guardianship of the young dragon Aurene: As the story unfolds, so does her look evolve, as a surrogate sister and the after-image of the dragon sibling, Vlast.

In this look, I'm keeping the style and color scheme while adding new pieces and refining the crystal effects over the years. This expensive and time consuming evolution probably ends here.


Fashion Guru
Very nice! I love your choice of color. The whole look is cohesive and interesting. Good job!
2019-01-06 17:45

Fashion Guru
Its a good look, but somehow it lacks.. Something? (i didnt vote, dont be mad at meh)
2019-01-07 8:28

Fashion Guru
But the "face" that appears when when weapons are drawn is pretty nice lul
2019-01-07 8:30

2019-01-07 10:59

Fashion Guru
Amazing screenshots and I really like the colors
2019-04-16 4:54