Primed for Arzon

By OliverT on May 20th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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Character 1 / Story Chapter 1 -
Character 2 / Story Chapter 2 -

This is my 3rd character and the continuing plotline which I am writing for (all) my alts. I have also updated the stories and pictures on characters 1 and 2. Comparing screenshots of other posters, mine seem very lacklustre (you can see from characters 1 through 2) and I dunno how to put this.. It's just lacking in general and I wish I could get help/advise on how to getting better pictures.

As for this look, inspiration came from a guildie named Streets (who is no longer playing, so before he left, I wanted to keep a virtual picture of his thief alive and I asked him for permission).

I've made some alterations and minor adjustments of my own, but basically kept to the theme of what he wanted to create - a metallic armored look woven around the subterfuge mask, hence the vigil armor like shoulder pieces, and the human falconer's legs and shoes.

Oh and one other thing, if you are looking at the dye colors, one of them uses the "dye remover". It's accurate. It is not a typing error. I used the default color for some of the parts because I felt they were more fitting. My engineer (which isn't showcased here yet) also uses a lot of "dye removers", and you can see why when I post it up.


Fashion Guru
This is a great concept and a cool look. More screens would make it a golden look. :)
2017-05-24 2:38

Thank you! Yeah, and that's the problem I have, I don't make very good screens. Need help and advice on that.
2017-05-27 1:54 in reply to jesandsteven