Thomas Veit, Prime Merlinian

By OliverT on April 13th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Born from the bloodline of the ancient sorceror Merlin, Thomas Veit is the last surviving Merlinian descendant in the distant Tyrian future. Armed with powers capable of manipulating the elements, Thomas casts a spell to travel back in time to seek the help of the other Merlinians from the past.

He needs to find 8 other Merlinians, in his quest to create a powerful magical containment field around the ley energy that have been running amok in his world after the death of the last dragon.

These 8 Merlinians will each possess powers of a different spectrum of sorcery -

1. Fear
2. Strength
3. Deflection
4. Healing
5. Knowledge
6. Destruction
7. Haste
8. Time

Being the last of his lineage, he took on the code name Prime Merlinian, and began his search. As he tapped into his own powers of the elements, he sensed a strong invisible reflecting energy shield coming from the Harathi Hinterlands. Could the Merlinian who is gifted with the ability of deflection be located there?

Following the only lead he has, Prime ventures out to the Northeast plains where the conflict between human and centaur reach fever pitch.

Story to be continued on my next character -


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