A Dervish in Distress

By Iris on April 24th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
21 2
1 0
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Happy Anniversary to the Guild Wars Universe!!!

I've been re-playing the original franchise and fell in love with it all over again. Here's hoping to start posting a few more on GW2 Style now that I've been hit by this massive inspiration train \o/


Suhli is an Istani descendant who dreams of reliving the old golden days of his dervish ancestor. However, the practice is no longer popular in Kryta, if not saying the culture lost and the profession unprofitable! So every day, Suhli knocks the door of rich noblemen in Ossan Quarter hoping to find a patron who would build him a Mosque so he could dance to the service of the Gods. One day, when he returned home, he was devastated to learn his wife had left him as he no longer brings home the bacon :p Feeling upset, he told his childhood friends and they couldn't disagree more with him: "I can't believe it! Why don't you just stop being stubborn and find a 'real' job? Then maybe your wife will come back home." Twice dejected, Suhli found himself alone in the veranda outside the bar. Suddenly, a cool spring breeze blew by; Suhli felt a weight lifted from his heart and he danced for the love of the Six Gods.


Faye Grimm
I absolutely love it! Dervish was my favourite class in GW1. The colors match perfectly elona style, also the armor. The first time I saw the weapon final rest was a screenshot in the wiki, and I thougt it was a scythe! That's why I loved it instantly back then. I was a little disappointed when I saw the second wing. But I still love it, and on the screenshots it looks again like a scythe because you only see one wing. ;-) Perfect deccision. I expecially love the screenthots where he is dancing and the "skirt" spins so beautifully like the ones from GW1 when the spun when attacking. :)

The locations you picked resemble Elona pretty good and even the dark skin colour.

All in all there is nothing I would change or have an better idea for.

Even the screenshots where Lyssa is seen as an effect remembers me of the avatarform / transformation of the dervishes.

Awesome Look! ?
2017-04-25 7:17

Fashion Guru
This is gorgeous and I don't understand that bronze vote. It feels unique, and the armour pieces match so well together. I particularly like the amenity blue. Admittedly I don't know much about GW1 other than my guildies dislike Kormir but I'll assume it fits the Elonian look.
2017-04-25 7:47

I love how everything fits well, even the face looks like a GW1 dervish one.
The screenshots are pretty well done and perfect dyes.
Good job!! :D
2017-04-25 9:51

What a cool dervish style! Great job :D
I love the dancing pictures since they really look like the old dervish dance ... ahhh the memories.
Your colour-scheme looks absolutely perfect!!! So natural and fitting.
Gold for sure :)
2017-04-25 9:54

Spot on =D
2017-04-25 12:17

Fashion Guru
When I saw your main picture I instantly thought of dervish, so you nailed it. I loved the dervish spinning dance so much :)
And even if it wasn't attempt to creat gw1 style, I would like the armor + color combo you chose. It looks great.
2017-04-25 14:50

Fashion Guru
Thank everyone for the gold and comments!
2017-04-26 13:02

Fashion Guru
Great dye work and perfect screens. Gold from me.
2017-04-28 11:26

I absolutely love! As a fan of dervish style I find your work amazing, gold without hesitation
2017-04-28 11:47

I miss the dervish sooooo much. I am really disappointed they did not bring him back with elona. This is so damn sad...
2017-08-17 13:29

So well done. This dervish look looks as good as the dervish outfit anet released. Gold
2018-05-22 12:13