Agent L the Firebreather

By vgomes93 on March 1st, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Chapter II
" Yarëk had been around Snowdrift Haven for quite some days, and despite the clear message in the letter saying she would know what to do, she had absolutely no idea. She heard of, and eventually found a small room, hidden underneath the Haven belonging to the order of Whispers, with a few essential supplies, a message receiver, some tables and lots of candles. The room felt hollow, so Yarëk never really spent much time there, she had to be focused on the matter at hand, and that was doing what she knew she had to do...except she didn't.
Today Yarëk decided she had to go down to that whispers room and find out something. The Master of Whispers wouldn't have sent her there just to take a stroll, furthermore she stated clearly it was a matter of huge importance. As she entered the room a new figure was there lying on the corner kneeling by the table, with a loaf of bread in front of her...she seemed concentrated. Yarëk decided to approach her, and she did!
- May I help you, Slayer? - Said the figure.
Yarëk was not surprised the figure knew who she was after all, the news on the order run fast, good or bad, and that was clearly an agent!
- Uh yes, actually I think you can, I was sent here to the haven to take care of some business, if you get me?! But i find myself a bit clueless! - Said Yarëk quite ashamed of her situation.
The agent took a deep breath, her eyes looked up to Yarëk and she saw the face of a Sylvari, staring at her with some sort of despise.
Yarëk continued - I was hoping maybe you could help me... - as the Sylvari intercepted her
- Yes i could, in fact, I have to. After all it seems like you are the reason I am here too. No need for introductions for I believe they have been made, you can call me Agent L and that will suffice for now! A letter arrived moments ago as i set foot on the Haven and i thought it was my second mission. Seems like it is OUR mission.
Yarëk was slightly happy about it, she finally had someone of the order working alongside her!
- Well then, what did the letter say?! - Asked Yarëk
- It was not very clear, so I wont go on about it, I'll explain it to you on the way! We have quite a path to thread!
- Path to Thread? wasn't the mission here? - Asked Yarëk incredulous.
- The missions are never where they seem to be, and your target, Slayer, is moving quicker than the snakes that threaten the very balance of "society". We need to be quicker otherwise that slippery piece of human mental disorder is going to make a mess out of Kryta!
- Kryta? Humans? I thou...- Yarëk was confused but Agent L didn't even let her go on about her questions!
- Shush! It doesn't matter what you thought you were going to do, right now we're heading to Queensdale, we must rush and that's pretty much all you need to know now!! there are tasks to be done on the way, camps to be built every night, we need to avoid the Vigil headquarters at all cost, then we must pay a visit to the "apparently casual" pirates on Wiley's Cove and finally make it to my shelter on Provem Shore. Can you keep up? - asked the Agent.
- uh...Yeah I can! I think...- said Yarëk not quite sure what the master had signed her to.
- Lets move... - Said the Agent already stepping through the door that led down to the lake! - NOW!

Throughout the way Agent L revealed some key facts about her life before and after the "order happened to her", like she said, and it was quite amusing. Sylvari elementalist became a fire breather, taught by a circus composed by humans only, who then learned way to much about human politics to be laying around doing nothing. Joined the order somehow and quickly moved up the ranks, being assigned to most of the human politics related issues of the order. Knew a fair share about Caudecus and the ministry, more than Yarëk could fathom to understand anyways, and was decided she knew that something more than Caudecus was lurking around. Still she refused to speak a word about the mission at hand, and all the other words she actually managed to share were wrapped in riddles and blurred words, like there was something personal at stake!
Yarëk was a bit more enlightned about whom this entity was, despite not knowing that much. Nontheless she couldn't stop herself from hoping to learn what was their goal in the end, traveling to Snowdrift Haven to be sent off to Queensdale to take care of human politics?! Didn't seem quite logical...

One night before departing from Agent L's hideout, Yarëk couldn't get any sleep, and as the Agent was getting some rest herself, Yarëk overheard her sleeptalking, she was clearly having some sort of Nightmare, if that's even possile for sylvari...The words were not clear, but still clear enough for the slayer to understand:
- "Irradicate her...Mistress...Caudecus...Lady Lafyö" - And the agent turned around leaving the cave quiet once again."


Hello guys, so yeaaahhhh... I decided to make a little story out of Yarëk, my revenant, and well, it will be progressing! I have no clue why, but it felt like it to me that creating a story based on my characters would make me tie to them a bit more so ya, here we are! Soon there'll be more, Stay tuned, hope you like it!
(for some reason couldn't introduce the backpack on the accessories, it's Agent's Pack)


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i love it. brilliant look. gold
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Awesome armor-comb, awesome colours, awesome screens, awesome description ... or to keep it short: everything is awesome! :D
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Thank you all for the lovely comments!!! Stay tuned if you are interested in the story! More will come! :) cheers
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Awesome look, perfect from head to toe.
The blue fits nicely into this outfit.
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