Sweet Lunatic Darkness

By vgomes93 on October 29th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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"Halloween...that and Oswald Thorn's temptation to believe that one day he'll come back to kryta permanently. Those were two things that stirred Dulcis pot. She neither felt like it, or against it. Actually she didn't feel at all (Vampire stuff)!
Halloween ment but two things, the opportunity to hop into the mortal realm and sucking some blood from pesky Lion's Arch town folk (said to be the sweetest around kryta) or idiotic raiding hordes of mortal candy corn fanatics dissimating every bit of Lunatic family around the mad Labyrinth. They'd be reborn, under the same or a different shape, but at the end of the night, which was endless, everyone was still around.
Dulcis though, being one of the few Lunatic Vampires didn't offered herself as bait for chewing on. She silently spyed them mortals and would eventually and ocasionally put down one by one. Not that king Thorn would specially appreciate it, but Dulcis used to say "what them eyes can't see, the pumpkin head can't judge!" to what Bielzebulb (her companion bat, that she would possess from time to time) would answer with what should be bat language for *sight*, and she could swear he rolled his eyes more often than the average vampiric bat..."

hello Guys!! :D So yet another look, and this one is my first Halloween inspired one, cause i feel like the funerary armor just goes along with it perfectly! I hope you enjoy it!
Shoutout and thanks to my friend Roy who posed as my female Lion's Arch commoner victim! *you da best*
And yeah, I know this is not the only Vampire look around, but well, I hope you still manage to find originality within it :D

Weapons: Malefacterym, Nightwing, Final rest, Haunted Rifle
Backpack: Mad Memoires: Complete Ignition


Fashion Guru
amazing job! i love everything and woooaa those screenshots! very very nice! super gold for me :D
2017-10-29 13:31

Two vampire themed looks on the same day, must be something in the water :D I like your dye choices, they work surprisingly well together. Also, I really like the weapon and back choices, they fit the theme really nicely. Here's a gold from me as well :)
2017-10-29 13:37

Fashion Guru
Thanks a ton Bremy so glad you like it :) appreciated****
2017-10-29 13:44 in reply to Bremy

Fashion Guru
Thanks, the Tyrian universe has its ways, I think this is our Gw2 senses tingling telling arenanet that next year Halloween should bring Tyrian Vampires into the scene a bit more. Thanks for the feedback, and keep em looks coming
2017-10-29 13:45 in reply to Xeph

Fashion Guru
You strike a good balance between the complimentary highlight colors which makes a dark outfit interesting and more magical, almost like an instagram filter effect. I think the weaker point of this look is the shoulders. They are relatively plain and there is a lacking continuation of the intricate details of the Funerary coat which could be extended to the shoulders. You picked a great jacket but there is no company to enhance its visuals. Have you considered the Bladed Shoulders?
2017-10-29 18:15

Fashion Guru
First of all thanks for the comment and feedback, much appreciated! I do understand what you mean about the shoulders, and I can tell you that my main goal was to have Nightfury as a shoulderpiece and just let the funerary coat do the job since it is so detailed. I have pretty much tried all the shoulderpieces on the bank over and over, bladed included, but I honestly liked none. Still the marauder kinda brought to me the a Noble Vampire feel and although they do not compliment the look on detail I feel they add substance to it in the end! But ya....Nightfury T_T
2017-10-29 18:20 in reply to Iris

Luna Nightshade
Screenshot are very good, but i like your Numna more. Still i assume you are using reshade and/or photoshop as well so this is not 100% reflection of GW options available to everyone. Silver
2017-10-30 3:11

Fashion Guru
Hey there! Yes indeed I am using ReShade, actually it is on my profile little bio saying that all my looks use it! :) I am not fond of the built in post processing, so ya I decided to go with my own settings! But thanks anyways!
2017-10-30 4:05 in reply to Luna Nightshade

Fashion Guru
Great use of the new armors. Gold from me.
2017-10-30 21:36

Fashion Guru
Lovely work on your vampire. I love how here green sylvari glow matches the new armour. Gold
2017-10-31 0:33

Fashion Guru
Thanks, ya the new armors oddly fit together!I wonder if Anet inner fashion enthusiasts planned it x)
2017-10-31 6:52 in reply to jesandsteven

Fashion Guru
Yeah right?! Mihrean I thought so too, and it was kind of a coincidence because this is the only female medium armor sylvari I have and when I tried the armor and then watched her glow I couldn't help but be proud of the color I chose for her glow 4 years ago! Thanks for the gold!
2017-10-31 6:54 in reply to Mihrean

Fashion Guru
Everything fits together here! You get gold
2018-12-08 3:35