Bounty Huntress

By vgomes93 on November 21st, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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" - Cowgirl...Musketeer, what else comes to your mind?! Well, wipe it off, I am certainly none of those!
I often tell people I can only be defined by the ammount of treausure I have gathered! And believe me, from Black Daimonds to Legendary Weapons, my collection will go down in History, and you will hear Firebrands singing songs of me! I bet now you are wondering which name should they sing after, and I raise you no name, for a nameless hunter hides the best!
I am only passing by cub, if you care, as I see it in your eyes how eager you seem to be to know more about me...I'm heading off to hunt! Djinns, Giants whatever I can find treasure in, or I know hides treasure beneath! I am certainly not the type to bring souveniers, but I think I fell in your grace and If I find something suiting I might bring it along!

Flint's eyes widenned like a tiny cat asking for attention, starving to be the cutest and most irresistible being on tyria, and then said - Sure milady! You know there's a Bounty Board over there, you can check, in that raptor of yours you will fare around Elon Riverlands in no time, well, at least faster than It will take me to go to the First Camp lend aid to the refuges!...

The Huntress looked down at the cub, and petted him, scruffing his head - We'll see who's the fastest, kiddo! See you soon!"


So hello guys! :D here's a new look for my Thief and her new DeadEye spec! Well What can I say I started rolling deadeye PvE and I am loving it, so it would have to come down to a moment where using the same armor as a Daredevil would not be quite the thing. And here we are, a bounty hunter look, I tried to make it sexy but still battle ready and slender at the same time! The weapons were for me na obvious choice, although the sword was about to be Bonetti's Rapear, but you know, to predictable! :)
Hope you enjoy the look!
For more screens check:

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Sweet look! the idea of a dead eye is so cool and i think you nailed it pretty well here. I generally don't like those pants but i understand you're going for sexy and atleast in a desert where its hot that kind of apparel makes more sense. I also like the dyes, the gold really pops against the brown and of course great screenshots as usual. GOLD GOLD GOLD :D
2017-11-21 22:44

Fashion Guru
Thank you very much for your comment! Kinda added another layer to the outfit, since I have thought of making it deserty but that was not my main focus, glad to know it works x)
2017-11-22 2:59 in reply to AberrationCreation

Great style, very coherent and fitting. The only aspect I don't like is that the corset ends abruptly without a seam (because it's meant to be connected to a piece of legwear). But I dig the dyes and the overall theme, and the screenshots are awesome. All in all this is worth a gold!
2017-11-22 10:41

Fashion Guru
Yeah I had the same issue with the corset but at the end of the day there's no other skin that really captures the image I had in my head so I decided to go with it anyway. Ty for the comment! :)
2017-11-22 12:36 in reply to Dryanor

Fashion Guru
Ouch that poor giant. That seems so unnecessarily cruel! I really like your armour choices here. I usually mention my favourite but here I honestly can't decide. Love those leggings on sylvari, love the metal aspects , love the backpiece.... This is still your thief from your last outfit and it took me a while to realise as she is utterly transformed! Screens are really fun to look through as well. Gold for sure :)
2017-11-23 8:53

Fashion Guru
Thanks :D yeah this indeed is my thief from last look. I'm not really into having many characters, I rather change drastically their style to a point where they are almos tunrecognizable, and I lvoe that gw2 allows us that luxury most of the times :) Thanks for the nice comment overall. About the giant, I wish I could say none were harmed on the process, but that'd be up to them to say :D cheers*
2017-11-23 9:54 in reply to Mihrean

Love the theme, love the outfit choice, love the dyes. She really looks like a bounty huntress, ready to kick some ass!
Here you go, take a GOOOLD :D
2017-11-25 16:56

Fashion Guru
Thanks for the warm comment! and the gold as well! ^^ glad you liked it!
2017-11-25 17:42 in reply to sevencat

Fashion Guru
I have never like this top and leg combo, but you made it really great! Gold!
2017-11-29 3:09