Abaddon's Herald

By vgomes93 on October 3rd, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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18 3
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"- After Kormir left our world, tales roam Elona that the realm of torment has fallen upon her sacred library. Some say demons lurk around, as if guarding something other than the books! I wonder if this is Abaddon...or if there's any left of him, making a stand.
An outlander has arrived, and with the forged at our doorstep, we had no way out other than to cry for help! This outlander too has stumbled upon the Secret Library, but what he'd reveal us as the truth we never expected. The Library despite being under the magnificent glow of Kormir before she departed, was never purified to it's maximum. Abaddon's tendrils still lurk the waters, and as of lately an Herald of the fallen god lurks the halls, could this be true?! or is this outlander delusional?! May Kormir hear our pleas if Nightfall events get to unfold on Elona again!" Elonian priest of Kormir.

Hello guys, so wekks ago, I saw a Mallyx inspired look (@eversor), and well I decided to go in game, and puzzle up something that would be inspired on that look but not quite! I ended up making something like the Herald of Balthazar, but fused with Abaddon vibes, so ya, I present to you my Herald of Abaddon!
Hope you enjoy!


Fashion Guru
Gotta say I love the warbeast pauldrons with that helm: so twisty and sinister! Very convincing look and great colours. Gold
2017-10-03 18:05

Love the look, the Warbeast glowy bits really tie the look together, especially with the very 'Branded' color scheme.

Easily a gold from me as well.~
2017-10-04 12:34

Fashion Guru
Thank you both for the comments, glad you liked it :D
2017-10-05 9:25 in reply to Boa-Noah

Fashion Collector
Sick! Love it!
2017-10-05 13:46

Nice look !
2017-10-05 17:56

I had a similar idea but never got to finishing it. Nice look, lovely execution :D
2017-10-06 15:53

This is so baddass, and honesly, I'm sooo in love with this!!!
2017-12-25 13:12

Fashion Guru
Thanks for checking on this former look of mine, and the kind words :3 :D Abbadon ftw! ^^
2017-12-25 15:50 in reply to Secriva