Shiverpeak's Lightbringer/Slayer

By vgomes93 on January 18th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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Chapter I

"- That backpack you insist to carry means nothing to me and the title "Lightbringer" will never suit such a heavy and clumsy Norn as you Yarëk! - Said the whispers agent while blocking the path hidden by the mysterious cabinet in the room.
- Well as long as I "insist" to wear this backpack, and with it the badge and Lightbringer title, you owe me respect agent, as far as I am concerned, i'm still one rank above you in the order and I worked for it! So now move out of my way before everyone else figures out this is a secret passage! - Replied Yarëk after several minutes trying not to make a fuss in the Order of Whispers Headquarters of Lion's Arch.
- You say you were born blessed by Snow Leopard spirit, but your steps are as heavy as a Dolyak! Even if i let you pass, by the time you step inside the corrider everyone will notice and you'll mess one of the main entrances to our headquarters! Anyway why have you ever thought that the Order would welcome you as one of us, I bet you'll never even progress up the ranks anymore, Lightbringer is already to much for you! - Continued the surly agent, without moving one step.
- Well, I would totally smash your head, in the clumsy and not so silent Norn way, if it wasn't for my vows to the Order and the respect I owe you as an agent - Yarëk took a deep breath after threatening the agent, looked away and walked towards the main exit door, while she sighted, there was no use wasting her time with another bully.

As she walked the roads of Lion's Arch, revolving on the not so kind words from the agent, she stumbled upon yet another agent from the order. This time the agent was disguised as an apple vendor, but well, since Tybalt departed, everyone in the order had learn how to distinguish a Whispers Agent from an apple merchant!

- Psssst! - The "merchant" said.
Yarëk got closer to him, and without an exchanging of words, the agent handed her a letter, sealed with the Whispers symbol! As Yarëk took the letter upon her hand, and carefully passed her fingers through the seal, she mumbled two words resembling "thank you", and when she looked up to direct them to the agent, he had vanished!

The letter was from Riel Darkwater herself, and it had a very clear, sharp and short message:


You're hereby promoted to Slayer, the order needs you to head to the Shiverpeaks and take care of the biggest threat to our northern mapping and enemy route tracking resources. I can't explain much further, head to Snowdrift Haven, You'll know what to search for!

Thread Carefully,
Master of Whispers."

And so Yarëk headed to the location pointed out. She has just recently arrived and is still figuring out the reason that has brought this new title upon her."


Hey Guys, here's my Revenant Norn, themed as a Whispers Lightbringer/Slayer. I've always been such a huge fan of the Order of Whispers, and i really love to theme characters of mine after it, I hope you guys enjoy it!


Elessar Taralom
Wow, stunning upload!
She is such a stunning classical Norn, I really like it a lot
The dyes look so regal and majestic and I love the way her tattoo peaks out at the back
Good choice on the weapons as well!
Your presentation is absolutely flawless, gold on all sliders! ^^
2017-01-18 19:54

Nice dye choice and most of the armor looks good. The chestpiece looks too spiky though compared to the other armor. The machined staff is also an odd choice. But the rest looks great! :D
2017-01-18 21:58

A classical norn look with an absolutely amazing presentation :O
The colours look great and you are really good at editing the screens :D
Absolutely Gold!!!
2017-01-18 22:08

Fashion Guru
Your armour/dye choices here are stunningly perfect. I've long been in love with the dolyak spaulders and yay for a female in heavy armour wearing a helmet! She's awesome and sexy and utterly badass. Could do with some screens in different locations but 100% a gold anyway.
2017-01-19 9:01

Fashion Guru
Thank you everybody for the lovely comments! :)
2017-01-19 10:25

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Some of these screenshots are really impressive. also this look is really nice for a norn at first i thougt it's probally the same as other standard norns but u made it work for me.
2017-01-19 18:13

Absolutely gorgeous!
This looks very flashy and sexy, I love it!
2017-01-21 9:46

2017-09-05 11:12