Bubble Gum Mesmer

By Madcat on May 14th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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For all my characters, 19 so far, I always aim for functional looks. Sometimes I spend more time trying different combinations and dyes than actually playing. I made only one exception, my Canthan mesmer, Saiko, whom I had in the original game and created when Factions came out. I tried a lot of armor combinations but unfortunately failed to nail her looks just as I did with my other characters. Then I decided not to take it seriously and went a bit overboard with her, essentially making her look like some kind of bubble gum mesmer with clothing somewhat inspired, after some Google research, by some of k-pop bands looks; cute dresses, high stockings, bunny ears and bright pastel colors. It's all fun having a charr elementalist that looks like a demonspawn or a menacing looking female norn warrior but sometimes, in this bleak world where dragons and other nasties all try to eat you for breakfast at every corner, I like to hop around Tyria with Saiko and with her princess wand, glittering wings and wings of love she tries to spread joy, color and fun wherever she goes. :)


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I've seen worse presentation. And this can be seen freedom in making screens. Also silver.
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