A bit of dishonor

By Madcat on November 9th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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7 3
2 0
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I've seen many players creating excellent cosplay within Guild Wars 2 over the years and although I have several toons in my roster I've never really thought about creating some cosplay of my own, until recently that is. There are many interesting characters to choose from and settled on Emily Kaldwin from the game Dishonored 2 (You can look up in Google images and the game trailer on YouTube to see the references I used).

To achieve the result I knew I had to settle on Light armor. It wasn't exactly easy as my choices were limited. For instance there's only one face mask in the whole Light Headgear bank. In Dishonored 2 Emily uses some kind of sword and for that, Bonnetti's Rapier fit the part but she also uses a hand-crossbow, which GW2 doesn't have (hint hint ANet) so I had to go for a pistol. After a lot of tweaking I think I managed to create a decent Emily-lookalike withing the wardrobe's constraints.

Edit: I've changed the main image on top and added two new screenshots. :)


Fashion Guru
I don't know the character you are trying to cosplay but I do like how elegant this armor is :) GJ !
2016-11-09 23:35

Please do make one of those screens your cover pic. They look great - and after looking up the character in question, you did very well at making her lookalike!
2016-11-10 0:09

very nice cosplay. I think this is as close as you can get. def gold!
2016-11-10 4:23

I also had to look the character up, but I have to say you did an excellent job in recreating her!
2016-11-10 11:07

Fashion Guru
Nice cosplay :D
2016-11-10 16:00

Niceee, you cant be more acurate. Gold!
2016-11-11 11:16