The Desert Claw

By Madcat on June 16th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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5 3
1 0
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No one know his real name. To all, he's always been the very mysterious Desert Claw, a lone Charr whose origins are as hazy as a sandstorm, who dwells in the Silverwastes and Dry Top. Is he an outcast from the Legions? A gladium? Is he hiding from something or someone? And what about that missing left paw that has been replaced by a mechanical claw from which he got his name? No one knows for sure but one thing is certain; few seem to know the Maguuma Wastes like he does for he seemingly knows every every square inch, every hiding spot, shortcut, and point of observation of that desert. The Servants of the Sun know him, just as the centaurs, and certain Zephyrithes claim to have been aided by him. For all, he remains a mystery.

The Silverwastes are known for being a hotspot as far as temperature goes, especially at noon. To protect himself from both the scalding heat and the sand blown in the wind, the Claw has chosen pieces of armor to better himself against the elements. Nothing worse than adventuring and fighting while sweating a ton while having constant sand and dust blown into your eyes and mouth. The scarf, the googles, and the mask provide just that kind of protection while the rest is composed of heavy armor designed for protection and maneuverability. He has carefully chosen the colors to blend in the environment in order to remain as elusive as possible.


The hook looks a bit shoehorned in and the shoulder scarf just looks bad on Charr in general, but thats nothing you can help.

I get what you're going for with the dyes but imo it just creates a very boring look.
2017-06-17 7:25

Fashion Collector
The scarf and adventurers stuff is always a fantastic combo, works well here, the dyes are fine, but could put a lil'bit more of silverwaste grime on it. Pirate hook is fantastic on this, but I'd love ot see you go more Mad Max on the core armour to try and match it up, if you do, this would be a brilliant look. As it is, I'll give it a silver, looks fantastic on the move from what I can see on your other pictures.
2017-06-17 11:28

I really enjoy the armor choices as well as the choice of horns and fur pattern. Maybe try some differing colors to add some contrast? Otherwise I think it looks pretty cool :) Silver from me!
2017-06-18 17:17