The Gadgeteer

By Madcat on May 21st, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Blue
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2 3
1 0
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By far, the Gadgeteer has never been much preoccupied with large and over complex inventions. she rather find solutions for everyday problems or to "slightly" enhance ordinary things; automated salt & pepper shakers, efficient armor detergent, rune polish, anti-theft lunchbox with integrated siren, a miniature drone that zaps mosquitoes and the list goes on an on. But on a more serious matter she has formulated a theory about the ancient jotun and their astronomical knowledge, suspecting that the many carvings they made long ago representing circles within circles might be more than just a creative artistic impulse. She believes it is an elaborated star catalogue charting movement of celestial bodies.

This character is the only asura in my roster. Right from the start I decided to go for simple colors; white and blue along with some metal. since I almost never opt to show the shoulder armors on my characters the scarf allowed me to do just that.


Love it.
2017-10-01 22:00