Call of the Wild [Outdated]

By KestrelGirl on March 7th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
Vote Breakdown
14 10
2 1
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Recently, while exploring new melee weapon combinations, I discovered that Ranger's warhorn skill 4 (Hunter's Call) makes a giant flock of hawks swoop down on your foe. Love at first sight! So here you go: better dye scheme, better armor combo, and of course, falconry!

A few assorted things I'd like to mention:
- The sword is as close as I can get to a knife without using an off-hand dagger instead of a warhorn.
- The big glove on Meli's left arm emulates a falconer's glove, a necessity for someone with a pet hawk.
- The pics with all the hawks are what happens when you use Hunter's Call in first-person mode on a low-level deer and a rabbit. Falconry at its finest! Side note: anyone can use that skill while doing part of the renown heart at Grey Gritta's Post in the Harathi Hinterlands.
- If you think something's missing in my screenshots (different angle? lighting? location? features?), let me know and I'll add whatever I'm lacking as soon as I can get a picture of it!

Pics were taken in Wynchona Woods and Mountainroot Lair (Harathi Hinterlands), Greatheart Weald (Queensdale), Hellion Forest (Iron Marches), Naui Waters (Timberline Falls), Borealis Forest (Wayfarer Foothills), Wychmire Swamp (Caledon Forest), Dierdre's Steps aka the Hidden Garden (Mount Maelstrom), the Garden of Dawn (the Grove), Uplands Oasis (Dry Top), and Northwatch (Auric Basin).
No birds were harmed in the making of this gallery. I can't say the same for deer, however.

EDIT: Added sword and warhorn pics.
EDIT 2: Added Mountainroot Lair pic. Can't believe I missed that spot. Underrated!

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Elessar Taralom
You definitely made so many improvements, it´s good to see that you did really try to listen to the help people gave you
The look is really simple in its armour and dyes, but hey, that is the theme you were going for, so that is 100% legit. I like the idea with the falconer´s glove! I feel like some simple shoulders would be nice, I just don´t like empty armour slots :p
The screens are really a great improvement to your last screens, you can see the character much better and you did visited some beautiful places; so this is nagging on really high niveau now to get even better shots out of you: abuse the vertical slider a tiny bit more, your character is still a bit too much on the bottom of the screenshot sometimes and you can really get a little closer for two or three screens
But, as I said, that is nagging on a really high level and just meant to help you improve further! It is definitely noticeable that you tried very hard and as a simple, almost NPC-like look this is really well executed, so I don´t see why this wouldn´t deserve a gold!
2016-03-07 4:33

Fashion Guru
way better than your previous look, me likey
agree with elessar over the little critique on the screens, but as he said, that would just be the cherry on top
simple design, especially like the attention to detail with the weapons and the quiver, gold
2016-03-07 4:34

Fashion Guru
That is a great improvement, really! The screens are looking way better and I can observe her look so much better now it's amazing.
You managed to play with the camera settings and that is really good also I like some of the screens have such an awesome light that you captured pretty well!
The armour is simple but that was your goal and it looks good in combination with the dyes. I would love to see some simple shoulders though but that is just a smaller detail.
I agree with the others with that screen "critism" but overall you really took the advices seriously and did a good job! I am really curious about your next looks and improvements :3
Gold from me
2016-03-07 6:11

Woah Kestril, you improved so much :O
The screens are very nice!
Your outfit is subtle and tasteful. I love the natural colours!
I think you can still improve in terms of different poses within your screens, and pictures where you can see the whole body ... but youve definitely come far!!!!
Gold for your effort and the subtle outfit :D
2016-03-07 7:49

I've got quite a soft spot for natural, earthen looks like these, so we're already off to a great start here. You haven't stated a theme but I can imagine one up perfectly; a young traveler with a rugged, yet soft exterior. Conceptions and swooning aside, ill get straight to the fun.

Your armor combination is very straightforward and appealing. Generally, people don't choose to use trenchcoats for medium looks, but I could not see anything else working here. The combination of the Rascal Coat with Rawhide Leggings is surprisingly cohesive, as it feels as if the two pieces are one in the same. The Prowler boots are also appropriate to this conceptualized theme of a roaming hunter/wanderer -- a literal prowler. The Mistwalker Glove is also an armor piece I hardly see, and I have to admit, feels suitable as a Falconer's glove.

Your dyes highlight a natural and rugged appearance. Your leather, cloths, and metals are all dyed appropriately. What I truly enjoy is how your armor dyes are nearly similar, yet easy to differentiate which dye goes where in your set. The connection between the legs and chest is something I can't look away from, as the transition appears so seamless -- something you can contribute to both armor choice and dye combination. The ability to match those dyes across the different sets in order to achieve that linkage is a cumbersome and challenging task to touch upon.

Your weapons also align with your dye scheme. The Krytan Bow, Honor of Humanity, The Hunt, and even Rox's Quiver all contain the natural colorings that supplement your look. Nothing out of place here!

Screenshots, as well, complement the theme of a traveler. Presentation is perfect -- Lots of neutral lighting on neutral backdrops, and a minimum of flashy effects, showcasing your look as it is. Nothing I can complain about here, I absolutely love critiquing looks like this! Keep tinkering with your camera settings and keep trying for those perfect shots!

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: I'm. A damned sucker for natural looks, and your presentation earns an effortless gold from me. Would love to see more in the future.
2016-03-07 8:21

Fashion Guru
This is really lovely - I find natural dyes really difficult to work with, so I'm always impressed when a look pulls them together well. My only suggestion would be (as others have pointed out already) to keep playing with your camera settings - I find the field of view slider and the vertical position sliders are the ones I fiddle with the most. Gold from me! :) x
2016-03-07 8:44

Aaaaa omg!! Thank you all so much!!! :D
I'll continue playing around with settings (though I have to mention that not all of those pics were taken with the same settings, of course) and upload some sword and warhorn pics, probably by 3pm PST (in 8h).
2016-03-07 10:17

Ah so you finally give a good review ;)
2016-03-07 10:21 in reply to thunderstruck

i like this :) very natural. both the backpack and the quiver as well as the weapons fit very well! but i think i like backpack more, looks very nice with this outfit :) lovely outfit overall!
2016-03-07 11:01

Fashion Guru
I give good reviews to those who deserve them and if you would not only latch onto all the harsh stuff I said, you would see that I frequently wrote nice stuff rather than mean stuff
I mean, come on, you only need to look at my voting distribution ^^
And I saw some of your earlier comments, so are really not one to complain
2016-03-07 13:23 in reply to KestrelGirl

Fashion Guru
Whooooaa you really improved your presentation! Very nice job with the screens! Keep up the good work :)
The armor is very simple and very nice. GOLD! :)
2016-03-07 16:44

Whoa, your look is huge change compared to older ones.
Nice looking simple traveler theme. Your armor combination is subtle with fitting accesories and dyes very natural. Beautiful location to take screens.
Gold and I'm waiting to next one :)
2016-03-07 17:31

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2016-03-07 18:31

I really enjoy this look. And as as pointed out, trenchcoats are usually avoided in medium looks because of the dreaded "butt cape" effect--not to mention that 90% of medium armor is trenchcoats or butt capes sadly. Here though the trenchcoat is very well used and fits her theme. Where the fringe on the shirt meets the pants bothers me but I can't exactly place my finger on it. I'm not sure if it's the lighting or the dyes doing it. Either way I wouldn't change the pants or top, I think they are both very good options for this look (mostly it's just something not agreeing with my eyes). The boots I feel a bit ornate compared to the rest of the armor because of the metal on the top. However, I think if you went with something like the noble's boot it might feel too "meh". Boots in this game are really difficult and I personally don't feel like we get very many good options. The glove is a nice touch, definitely a falconer's glove. I love both the backpieces, both fit her theme well.

I'm usually not one for earth tone dye jobs as I find them bland. But as Glitterbat said, when it's done well it's impressive. I really like the softness of the coat compared to the darker chest and legs. I think the dyes are cohesive and pull the outfit together.
Weapon choice is fitting as well. Unfortunately so many swords are huge so finding one that is small enough to pass as a knife is difficult. I think Honor of Humanity works well here because it's rustic looking enough that it ties in with her outfit.
Others have already mentioned the screens and I see that you have commented about playing with the settings so I won't elobrate on that. Basically just more full body screens to show off the armor.

Overall this is a very good look. Once you get some more varying screens in it will be even better. Job well done :)
2016-03-07 23:06

Yeah, to be quite honest, the fringe bothers me a little too (I think it's that it and the pants are the same color), but the way the dye channels work on the Rascal coat, it wouldn't be easy to fix that.
Thanks for your review! And note that I did add a couple more pics :)
2016-03-08 1:20 in reply to LyraHeart

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2016-03-16 23:24

Fashion Collector
It's look like random screens in random places. And poses and colour are not original in my opinion. Faith that you are able to do something better. I can't give you more than bronze. Sorry.
2016-03-23 3:37

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2016-03-23 11:50 in reply to Mithras

aww, what a cute falconer outfit! ^^
2016-03-23 12:54

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2016-03-23 16:18 in reply to sweet_tooth

It reminds me of Katniss Everdeen from the movie "The Hunger Games" :D
2016-04-10 19:04

Oh, how'd I miss that resemblance? xD Rest assured, there is more Tyrian Katniss on the way!
2016-04-10 19:59 in reply to Asti77

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2016-06-02 6:22

Fashion Guru
Huh, did you recreate this look? I coulda sworn I golded this earlier. Well, have another one anyways, still looks just as awesome as it did before :D
2016-08-02 1:06

This is v2 of an older look with crappier screens/dyes, could've been that. Thanks! :)
2016-08-02 11:58 in reply to Sharkey