A Bookworm At Heart

By KestrelGirl on September 25th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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"Joko's zomb - uh, *Awakened* make me a little uneasy. But the Forged... the Forged are the real problem."
Farhana was born and raised in Amnoon. She has always been a nerd (and a pretty tall and strong one at that, hah!), but also displays an aptitude for Guardian magic, so she has decided to use her talent to fight the growing threats to her homeland of Elona.
And yes, that is a dragon minion skull on her glove.
As the Elonians say... ahai! I'm back with some more looks to post! When the Elonian hair and faces were revealed, I instantly fell in love, and so Farhana was born and boosted to 80 with my expansion boost. And when the Elonian armor was datamined, I knew that that set and Farhana were just a match made in heaven. Finally, the expansion is out, and here she is, looking her best!
- Overused dyes from me, I know. I'm matching Expurgation.
- Weapons not in the database: Expurgation
- I am LOVING this expansion! So many huge gorgeous places to explore!

Pics taken in Garden of Seborhin (Vabbi), Vehtendi Arena (Vabbi), Amnoon , and the Temple of Kormir (Crystal Oasis).
I may take more pics in the Kormir instance!
Full album: https://imgur.com/a/BaDTq

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Fashion Guru
Great dye work and beautiful screens
2017-09-26 8:03

Fashion Collector
I like that. Gold!
2018-12-08 3:12