The Crimson Guardian

By Phex on May 3rd, 2014
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
Vote Breakdown
3 9
5 0
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A mix and match of various armor pieces to create a stylish and distinctly norn armor set. Sorry for the lack of close ups, the camera is difficult to adjust for that on a very tall norn!

Another nice alternative for this set's chest armor is the Whisper's Secret Breastplate. The Kodan Staff skin would also go better with the darker colours of this set.

Head: Mask of the Silent (Forgiveness)
Shoulders: Burden of Koda (Silver, Blood, Oil Slick)
Chest: Priory's Historical Breastplate (Iron, Oxblood, Silver)
Gloves: Braham's Gauntlets (Iron, Oxblood, Burnished Steel)
Legs: Braham's Legplates (Taupe, Oxblood, Oil Slick, Mushroom)
Boots: Paws of Koda (Silver, Taupe, Blood)


While i dont really like the transition between Brahams Leg and rest of the armor, i like how this gives this "Norn"-feeling. Well done :)
2014-05-12 13:13