Mesmer Vabbian Noble

By Annette Langmar on March 23rd, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
59 15
10 6
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This is my Vabbian inspired mesmer look. Included are images of Vabbian NPCs from GW1 that inspire the look.


Maeve Mavolent
I absolutely love the first picture in front of that Vabbian Door! Overall this look is beautiful and I love anything reminiscent of a Guild Wars 1 style. If more people modelled their looks after GW1 looks, LA may not be such an ugly place! +100 for those gloves, they are my favourite!
2015-03-23 1:58

This is fantastic. It's elegant and well-dyed, and definitely brings back pleasant Nightfall memories.
2015-03-23 5:17

Annette Langmar
Fashion Guru
Thank you! Nightfall was my favourite campaign, I was always spending time in Vabbi drooling over all the high fashion NPCs :p
2015-03-23 5:32

You did a really good job on re-doing this style, well done!
2015-03-23 6:10

I really love it, but I don't like the gloves here. Maybe I would just hide them completely ;)
2015-03-23 7:57

Annette Langmar
Fashion Guru
I had them hidden for a while, but the way the carapace armor cuts off the wrist was bothering me. I might try swapping out these gloves for another pair because they do look a bit hot to be wearing in such a humid climate :P
2015-03-23 8:13

Fashion Guru
Great job at this look :)
2015-03-23 15:14

Fashion Collector
Nice job!! :D
2015-03-23 15:50

This look is really nice! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who loved the look of Vabbian gear!
2015-03-23 15:54

Fashion Guru
what about use tribal bangles or embroidered wristguards as gloves? :) btw, beautiful work ^^
2015-03-23 16:56

Annette Langmar
Fashion Guru
I wish I had the tribal armor! I had tried the embroidered gloves but they just didn't fit. They looked like a cheap buy from hot topic next to all the fine silks and golds used in the other armor pieces. I ended up swapping the gloves to the winged gloves, At first I thought it might be a bit over the top, but hey, Vabbians are flamboyant and extravagant so why not.
2015-03-23 20:02

Fashion Guru
She look absolutely brilliant! Gold!
2015-03-24 0:34

Fashion Collector
Really nice! Good dye selection, screen shots and recreation of the original, really does feel Vabbi :D
2015-03-25 12:18

Fashion Guru
She most definitely looks vabbian, good job.
2015-04-05 15:42

Fashion Collector
Great replica. Gold.
2015-04-15 12:53

Now thats a nice peace of nostalgia! Love the carapace chest with those leggings. I agree on the glove discussion, something more wrist-band like would be awesome, though im not even sure this exists atm :S
Still best Elona-style ive seen so far :D
2015-05-09 6:08

Homogenic Naps
You did EXACTLY what I was looking for at the moment for my mesmer (who has elonian heritage), it's fantastic!
Elegant and sexy, so well inspired :)
Really good job with dyes
2015-06-02 16:58

First Style Supporter
You definitely captured the look!
2015-06-13 16:53

Fashion Guru
love it!
2015-06-28 9:19

Fashion Guru
Why don't you use embroidered gloves, they could fit ;) But other then that I love your style!
2015-06-29 7:49

Fashion Guru
I love it, I fawn over everything Elonian and Vabbi in particular. Have a gold thingie! :D
2015-09-14 23:50

I can feel the style and I really like the top half, but somehow the bottom just doesnt get me.
Nevertheless, nice concept and dyes!
2015-10-06 21:05

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2015-12-30 6:34