Desert Hawke

By Yumeijin on March 21st, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: White
Vote Breakdown
3 13
6 1
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While my thief usually sports darker shades, the best way to beat the heat is with a lighter fare.


Annette Langmar
Fashion Guru
Very boring. Just another assassin's creed look really. it's been done over and over and I'm 100% over it.
2015-03-22 5:48

Fashion Collector
I assume you've come to that conclusion solely because of the hood and white coloration, because there's nothing else in this outfit that remotely resembles Assassin's Creed protagonists. No bracers, no simple leather boots, no splash of red.

If you're going to judge the outfit, judge the whole of it, please.
2015-03-22 10:41

Annette Langmar
Fashion Guru
I am, and it's just uninteresting. I've seen this on at least 30 other thieves with varying dye patterns. When you post your sets on this site, critique is going to happen. If you're going to challenge my opinion, go for it, but come explaining your vision. This isn't a bad outfit by any means, I voted a silver for you. But when push comes to shove this is just another run of the mill thief/assassin look with a light dye concept
2015-03-26 10:08

Fashion Collector
My problem is that you're not offering critique. You looked at the hood and a white coloration and assumed it was an Assassin's Creed reference (as though thieves thematically never wore hoods) and wrote it off immediately. Did you stop to consider the white was to go with thematic desert wear, or note the nods to the last name through winged themed accents on his boots, gloves, shoulders and bow?

I could do with critique. I can work with critique. "It's boring and I'm over it" isn't critique, it's criticism.
2015-04-12 1:23