an unspoken RETRIBUTION

By ieva on March 14th, 2023
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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________________Despite many popular folktales, there are hardly any historical accounts of the ninja. The historian Stephen Turnbull claims that the ninja were mostly recruited from the lower class and therefore received little attention in literature. The social background of the ninja is seen as the reason why they operate in secret and offer their service for money without honour or glory. The lack of historical accounts is also evident in war epics, which focus mainly on the aristocratic samurai, whose deeds were apparently more attractive to the public.

A few days ago ANet offered new tattoo skins in the shop. I am very happy about this, because now races other than Norn can also be "tattooed". After looking at the patterns of the tattoos, I chose the Bestial Tides Tattoo Skin because it is different from the other two (trousers part is only leg tattooed) and I think it has more uses.
Today I show my character with chest tattoo with medium armour class. The idea is somewhat inspired by an older game "Mark of the Ninja".
On my screens you can see two variants of leg armour. One is Human Culture - Assassin's Leggings and the other is Illustrious Leggings. I somehow can't decide which of the two I like better. nstead of the typical ninja weapons, I added more "sharp" pieces of armour (shoulder, gloves and boots) to emphasise the brutality.
In all Asian martial arts and combat sports, many styles are also based on the movement forms of animals, such as tiger, snake, crane, etc. So my idea was to combine all the animals on armour and weapons.
After trying different tattoo colours, I stuck with simple red/black patterns. You have 4 colour windows, but if you mix 4 different colours, the tattoo image is so blurry and without contours (maybe usable for sylvari etc.;but I didn't find it so nice).
Soon I will show a Norn Look with Bestial Tides Tattoo Legs Skin and now look at the pictures...

============== Apparently the page still doesn't work properly, can't use colors / armor parts tool at the moment========================
Armor Dyes:
Weapons: Red Crane


A cohesive and fitting edgy ninja look, making use of the new skin and crane weapons.
Does what it tries to do, i guess.
2023-03-14 4:33

You are so quick with comment :) I am still in the process of adjusting my stuff
2023-03-14 5:00 in reply to Gewreid

Hehe, i just happened to look when you uploaded. I thought the description might not have been finished yet.
I'll have another look later and will update my rating when it's done.
2023-03-14 5:29

2023-03-14 5:58 in reply to Gewreid

ona o
I thought I'd pop back over to GWStyle to see if I could find some looks with voilĂ ! I like your mix, especially with the Illustrious pants, it has pizzazz!
2023-03-14 21:34

thank you :)
2023-03-15 6:56 in reply to ona o

Fashion Guru
love it
2023-03-18 17:34

this is lovely
2023-06-05 5:41