The Gilded Dunewatcher

By TheKimmynator on August 8th, 2022
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Gold
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A roamer of the dunes that once were the floor of a great sea, this ranger watches over the ancient sands of the Crystal Desert.

In this gilded, slightly otherwordly look for my ranger, I wanted to emulate the LotR elves with their opulent armors and combine that with desert-roaming elements like light cloth and crystallized sand tones. I feel like she looks regal and ancient but like a convincing adventurer nonetheless.


Head: Runic Hunter Mask: Tarnished Silver / Chartreuse / Squash / Chartreuse
Zephyrite Shawl: Mithril / Mithril / Squash / Pottery
Luminous Medium Brigandine: Squash / Mithril / Pottery / Mithril
Ancient Canthan Medium Gloves: Mesa / Mithril / Pottery / Squash
Water Dragon Legguards: Squash / Mithril / Pottery
Glorious Shinplates: Pottery / Sand

Back: Forest Archer Cape: Mithril / Squash / Pottery / Squash

Desert King Hammer / The Mechanism / Plate-Winged Scarab / Tengu Echo Sword / Pharus


Aldon Vinetwig
Fashion Collector
Incredible screenshots! And I really like the use of the new Zephyrite shoulderpiece with the new dragon armour leggings.
2022-08-08 18:30

beautiful and creative as always ;)
2022-08-09 2:18

Fashion Collector
Love the style, colours and beuitiful screenshots!
2022-08-09 3:00

Fashion Guru
Aaah thanks so much, means a lot coming from the person with amazing character creations!
2022-08-09 8:55 in reply to Aldon Vinetwig

Fashion Guru
Thank you thank you ;)
2022-08-09 8:56 in reply to Frans

Fashion Guru
Thanks! :)
2022-08-09 8:57 in reply to Hoba

Dunewatcher - nice name, beautiful screens, everything fits!
2022-08-11 15:34