A Warden of the Woodlands

By TheKimmynator on May 13th, 2022
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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A mysterious warden, tending to the woodlands they call home, making sure the balance of life and death remains.
This ranger-turned-untamed uses branch and bark to her advantage, crafting armor and weaponry from the magically imbued wood, creating a symbiotic bond between forest and warden.

I wanted to create a look around the Crown of Urgoz headpiece that would emanate a Warden-inspired aesthetic, mixing wood and leather to not turn her into a wannabe-sylvari. She looks bulky in order to look more imposing, instead of the usual slender and agile ranger. I chose the Emblazoned Coat because it dyes beautifully and is not used often, so I wanted to give it some attention. The Foefire Legwraps mixed well with the Maguuma's Mantle and Grasp due to the glowing runes, in my opinion. I felt like the leggings needed a bit of a rough look, so she wouldn't look too neat. I ended up using the Aetherblade Boots to compliment the buckles and leather elements of the Emblazoned Coat.


Crown of Urgoz: Midnight Gold / Fog / Midnight Fire / Slime Green
Maguuma's Mantle: Shadow Green / Calfskin / Caustic / Wheat
Emblazoned Coat: Caustic / Ruin / Gray
Maguuma's Grasp: Calfskin / Shadow Green / Caustic / Wheat
Foefire Legwraps: Evergreen / Ruin / Swampblack / Calfskin
Aetherblade Medium Boots: Ruin / Gray / Avocado

Hammer: Crushing Weight Sword/Axe: Maguuma Back item: Bough of Melandru


Beautiful screenshots and i love the use of the emblazoned coat in this outfit. It really does dye beautifully and fits the textured aesthetic of the rest of the outfit.
2022-05-16 4:00

Fashion Guru
Thank you! :)
2022-05-16 13:09 in reply to Gewreid