The LUXON Armada Captain

By ieva on April 6th, 2022
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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_______________________Before the day of the Jade Wind, the Luxon were a seafaring nation living peacefully among themselves, basing their influence in the empire primarily on its dependence on their economic strength. There were hardly any goods that did not pass through the hands of a Luxon merchant before being purchased.
On the day of the Jade Wind, when Shiro Tagachi turned the sea to jade, radical changes occurred for the Luxon. They had to defend their land against numerous new enemies and their ships were stuck in the petrified sea, preventing their goods from reaching the Empire. Because of this, the Luxon changed into that warlike nomadic people. While prospecting for usable jade and hidden magical relics from forgotten times, they often unleash long-forgotten primeval forces and monsters, which they then have to keep in check and fight again._____________________________________

The pirate theme is nothing new, but in this context (Pirate Corsair Hat, Tribal Leggings and Peg-Leg boots) I've never seen a pirate styling before...

Why do people always imagine pirates with a parrot on their shoulder, a peg leg or a hooked hand? They were also very open-minded when it came to colour: there were almost no limits to what they could wear, as they had a wealth of fabrics at their disposal. They were a very colourful lot and dressed like drag queens do today. They wore brocade coats and thick diamond rings or a waistcoat of purple damask and knee breeches, a red feather in his hat and a gold chain around his neck from which hung a diamond-studded cross. A typical image of the current fashion of the time. Neckerchiefs were also very popular (it was usually very draughty on deck and in the shrouds), but the wide sashes around the waist or across the shoulder are a pure Hollywood fantasy. Other clichés, on the other hand, were happily fulfilled, because despite all the joy of colour and experimentation, one must not forget that the sailors sometimes spent weeks on the ship without even a chance to wash properly. The fancy pirate garb was thus not treated with much care. Torn, worn clothing, rampant beards, lice-ridden dreadlocks, dirty faces and a certainly merciless stench were part of everyday life on deck. A bottle full of rum - as part of a proper ration - was also a general custom in seafaring, and pastimes with smuggled animals such as monkeys and parrots also occurred on many ships. And the characteristic eye patch? Even for this there is a mundane explanation: blindness was not caused by injuries in battle, but by the use of Jacob's staff, mainly among commanders and navigators. This was because this precursor of the sextant was used to measure angles by taking bearings on the sun. Ergo: frequent taking of bearings, damaged eyes. How does one come to attribute a wooden leg to pirates? As mentioned at the beginning, piracy is a tough business that is not without losses and damage to health. Stab wounds and bullet wounds caused nasty injuries and a doctor is not immediately available on the high seas. Besides, time is of the essence in this business, the pirate had to be restored as quickly as possible, and sick people are far too easy to overpower. For this reason, one could not wait for a lengthy healing process. If a part of the body was too badly affected, the rest of the crew helped together and amputated the limbs.

The idea for this look came to me when I fished out a weathered Peg Leg while fishing. And then I thought of Luxon nomads. Even in GW1, the Luxon were an exceptionally colourful people: they wore multicoloured tattoos and clothes in bright colours. This is how the look of a Luxon pirate was created, combining a slightly more sophisticated top with an old, already worn skirt and a peg leg.
I hope you have fun with my Luxon Armada Captain !

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Armor Dyes:
Back Item: Jadeite Fossilized Phyllopteryx


A great and unique pirate look!
The combination of ragged clothes is perfect and not something you usually see. Tying it to luxon lore with the carved jade backpack makes it extra special.
2022-04-06 11:55

baba yaga
Fashion Collector
Cool idea! I find very pity that these body painting or tattoos are also in EoD reserved only for NPC's
2022-04-06 15:22


I'm glad you like it, thank you
2022-04-07 4:26 in reply to Gewreid

For the face, yes, there are already a few masks that look like painting (although they are Gem Shop items). But I could imagine it as part of the armor (like the skirt here) for gloves/top quite well. I suspect the tattoos will continue to be kept even just for norn.
2022-04-07 4:34 in reply to baba yaga

Fashion Guru
I love the look so much! I like how you gave her a different colour scheme than the soft blue/orange tones the luxons in gw1 had. This is rly striking :) PS: That hairstyle is so stunning, I use it on my guardian and it's nice to see it used
2022-04-12 6:19

Thank you.
Norn also has yellow/turquoise tattoos, but yes, due to this gaudy back item and leg armor (with given white tattoo) something different color scheme was announced. I also like and use the new Norn hairstyles.
2022-04-13 5:21 in reply to TheKimmynator

oh wow this is a very original concept.
2022-04-15 11:20