a lone GHOUL Slayer

By ieva on March 17th, 2022
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Gold
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____________________In Persian-Arabic culture, the ghoul is a dangerous demon and belongs to the djinn. The ghoul can slip into various guises and lure travellers off the path in the desert or forest in order to devour them. Only its feet always remain donkey hooves, which allows the ghoul to be recognised. As a djinn, the ghoul can profess Islam and thus leaves behind its wild and dangerous nature and could be friendly to humans. Ghouls play a role in numerous myths and fairy tales, especially in the tales of the Thousand and One Nights. In modern fiction, the term has often been used for a certain kind of undead monster.
She gasped in disbelief. A small sound escaped her. Stunned, she made no sound.
She reached for her bow before looking at the ghoul floating to the ground, who must have been incredibly attractive long ago, but was now only a caricature of himself. He was well-built, broad-shouldered and had long hair that had certainly once been thick and full. To all appearances, the devilish creature cared nothing for his outward appearance. His skin stretched over his skull and his pointed teeth protruded forward. He did not look particularly powerful, but the energy that surrounded him made the air crackle. Incredibly, his glowing gaze took hold of the Slayer. It was hard to tell which of the two suffered the greater shock.
"My husband," the Slayer murmured.
At the sound of her pure voice, the ghoul visibly flinched. For a moment he stood there in silence before his crooked, pointed and discoloured teeth changed into neat and gleaming white rows of teeth, his face became fuller and his eyes no longer glowed but took on a normal colour.
"You're alive?" Her voice was rough and brittle. "You're alive!" she repeated in a clear, kind, almost loving voice, while her hands closed around the bow hilt where a deadly arrow was lodged....

She is a lone ghoul hunter. Her husband turned into a ghoul after being bitten and she eventually had to kill him.
This is a slightly older look for my thief. I thought before I give her a more "modern" Cantha armour, I'd quickly post her ghoul look.
I got the idea to make Ghoul Slayer when I bought Foefire Legwraps. The leather ones look a bit different - just short pants with some woven bands on the legs instead of a skirt (like the other two classes). Ice Reaver Chest as the name suggests is more ice than sand, but I think with sand/gold the look is convincing. And since the chest also covers some of the thigh, it doesn't look completely naked :) I combined it with something pointy like shoulders, gloves and boots, which in turn harmonises quite well with weapons. Because of the colours, I thought back and forth about whether I should dye some pieces of armour green to emphasise the green glowing runes on weapons. In the end I decided against it, because the sandstorm colour somehow fit better.

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Weapons: Shifting Sands Skin
Back Item: Ghoul Backpack


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I think this might be my fav medium armor I've seen.
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Thank you very much !
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