The Woodwanderer

By TheKimmynator on November 16th, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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The Dunewatcher has become a forest roamer...

She stalks her prey in dense forests, quietly crawling through bushes, taking advantage of the element of surprise everytime. A scarf covers the lower half of her face as to not give away her breathing in the cold and to keep some anonymity. The long cloak offers great camouflage in the vegetation of the Tyrian woods and keeps her warm at night. Her bark-and-vine shoulder plating is imbued with nature's magic itsself, giving her a enchanted, healing edge, along with her hunter's prowess.

This marksman is in tune with her environment and will do anything to defend it from those who seek to disturb it's balance.


I wanted to create a look as SOON as I saw this new backpiece in the gemstore, it is quintessential ranger gear, perfection. So I also took the opportunity to stray away from my ranger's Witcher inspired look, using lots of black shades, and gave her a warmer, more earthly set of tones. She looks rich enough thakns to that quiver, but rugged enough to look like a classic ranger, capable of surviving, nay, thriving in the forests of Tyria. As for the weapons, I wanted to keep them modest, as the shoulderpieces are quite impressive, to keep some balance and contrast.

Armor & dyes:

Adventurer's Scarf: Midnight Rust
Maguuma's Mantle: Cocoa / Midnight Rust / Deep Maple / Grape Leaf
Heritage Jerkin: Midnight Rust / Cocoa / Tarnish
Strider's Armguards: Deep Maple / Midnight Rust / Deep Maple
Bounty Hunter's Leggings: Cocoa / Tarnish
Outlaw Boots: Midnight Fire / Tarnish

Forest Archer Cape: Midnight Rust / Peanut Butter / Shadow Abyss / Midnight Fire / Midnight Bronze


I like how the shoulders kinda make the Soulbeast effect somewhat work together with an otherwise more "grounded" outfit.
The blue glow on the sword is a bit odd but otherwise you strike a very good balance.
2021-11-19 3:27

Fashion Guru
Thanks! And yeah the sword... doesn't work :,)
2021-11-19 18:28 in reply to Gewreid