Luxon Ritualist

By Seraphina on November 3rd, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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Xandra Chelona is a descendant of a small group of the Turtle clan of Luxons that migrated to Kryta around 250 years ago. They are a proud family, and do what they can to keep their traditions alive even with no contact from their homeland centuries ago. One way they do this is with their version of the Convocation. Despite not having the Spear of Archemorus or Zhu Hanuku to slay with it, they continue with ceremonial bouts of the strongest fighters each clan has to offer. This culminates with a team based fight where the last standing clan is given the right of victory for the next year. This last gathering, Xandra was chosen as one of the elite fighters for the team battle, and as such, was given this armour as a gift from her mother in honor of the nomadic wear the Luxons of old wore. Now she wears it with pride, for both her family and her heritage: that no matter how far she may roam, she will always have a home to come back to, her family and clan.

Currently can't update the armor, so here it is:
Head: Mask of the Wanderer with Cream dye
Shoulders: Krytan Shoulderpads with Redemption and Spitfire dyes
Torso: Heritage Jerkin with Spitfire, Glacial Sky, and Redemption dyes
Hands: Heritage Armguards with Spitfire, Cucumber, and Redemption dyes
Pants: Assassin's Leggings with Glacial Sky, Spring Grass, and Spitfire dyes
Shoes: Whisper's Secret Boots with Midnight Gold, Cucumber, and Redemption dyes
Paired with this is a Ritualist staff, perfect for a spirit summoning druid, or maybe a pair of Usoku's Needles for those sneaky assassins hiding amongst us.


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