Primitive Necro

By Seraphina on May 19th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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I wanted to do something with the demon masque that wasn't all, I guess, high-class looking. Something kinda rough and maybe "primitive." :D

Sera grew up on the streets. She didn't have riches and wasn't looked kindly on by society. She survived however she could.

This is my attempt at a street rags outfit. Nothing fancy, and only 2 pieces from the same set, but hopefully it all fits together well enough.

Bat wings are included as an accessory, but I just use the bat wing glider.


Nero Angelo
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2016-05-19 7:37

Nero Angelo
Not entirely sure about Belinda's Greatsword but all other aspects are amazing!

The Ragged Dry Bones Garb and Primitive Legwraps pair well together and the Conjurer's Mantle is a nice throwback to the Exalted boots.

I would've preferred it in a different hue of dye myself but that's off-topic due to the red being your choice and generally being beautiful.

I'm glad you chose not to show the Bat wings as a backpiece, call it a "less is more" bonus for a primitive and ragged look such as the one you've presented.

That OneDrive pop-up is a bit sad, perhaps you could try using a different medium for screenshots?
Windows 10 has a nice screenshot capture + cut tool which I like to use myself for example!

Besides the pop-up I'd love to see some more variation in the screenshots, try playing with the camera settings so we can get a close-up or a few images where your character isn't centered. :)
Some additional screenshot locations would've been great as well!

Thanks for showing us a beautiful outfit with pieces we don't get to see too often!
You were just a single point short of a Gold medal for me! :)
2016-05-19 7:39

Fashion Guru
The concept is not really new or rare but still works for me. At first I wasn't sure about the boots but they are actually matching the shoulders quite well. I love the Demon Mask here you chose really well especially colourwise.
The dyes are in general are all right though you could've maybe incorperated the Shadow Red into your leggings, as well instead of using the same red tone twice.
I have to agree with Nero Angelo here about the Belinda GS I think for a more primitive look you could have used something more fitting.
The screens on the other hand are really nice and well done. The pop- up is indeed a little bit sad here but maybe you could take Neros advice here to create screens without this annoying thingy next time ^^ Other than that ot's a solid and nice look!
2016-05-19 8:11

Elessar Taralom
Really classic necro look, neither armour nor dyes are something I´d call groundbreaking, but it still looks really good and gets the job done!
Personally I really like the red hues here, it looks bloody, regal and wild at the same time and it isn´t too black overall, a mistake a lot of people tend to make with Necros
I like your story and the screens you provided, I just feel that you could give us a little more of both!
I agree with the other two commenters that the greatsword doesn´t fully fit the theme, but it doesn´t fell TOO off as well that I really find it irritating
Overall a really solid necro look ^^
2016-05-19 12:15

For the OneDrive popup, it's automatic and it's only because i took screenshots too fast so it didn't have time to go away from the last screen. :P
On the greatsword, I just went with what I had in my inventory until I finish up Dark Harvest to put on. Once I have that, I'll switch them out. :D
2016-05-21 15:49