Javan the Monster Hunter

By drycows on May 25th, 2021
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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Ever since the Pact's conquest into the Heart of Maguuma, the newcomers found themselves ill-equipped to tackle the jungle's treacherous terrain. To help navigate the dense thicket, skilled pioneers were called upon to map out the terrain - and eliminate hidden threats. Each legion sent out their most skilled rangers could tackle the secrets within the jungle.

While most rangers excelled in exploration and reconnaissance, Javan excelled in hunting. A Gladium hailing from the blood legion, Javan preferred to track the largest, most dangerous beasts that stalked the forest floor.

After each successful hunt, he takes a souvenir from his prey and dons it as a part of his bone armor, or a weapon.

Berserker's Helm
Triumphant Hero's Pauldrons
Bounty Hunter's Breastplate
Bounty Hunter's Gauntlets
Heavy Corsair Leggings
Leystone Greaves.
Prize of the Boneskinner.

Beast Slayer Mace
Godskull Sickle

Dyes are a mixture of WornBone, Decay Dye,Ivory, and Antique Bronze.


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