Desert Corsair

By lionman200 on July 3rd, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Orange
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A no good, back stabbing corsair flea bag... with style. I was going for a good desert bandit look that also works well with the corsair theme.

Alternative head set: Iron's Tailpipe Bandana - for a more "corsair" look.

Heavy Corsair Turban with Tarnished Silver, Carnage Orange, Graphite and Silver Dye
Primeval Pauldrons with Chocolate, Graphite and Gold Dye
Scallywag Chest with Graphite, Graphite and Camel Dye
Dragonhunter's Gauntlet with Graphite and Dye Remover on the rest
Elonian Tassets with Chocolate, Tarnished Silver, Graphite and Carnage Orange Dye
Whisper's Secret Greaves with Graphite and Chocolate Dye

I am not photographically inclined so excuse the bland pictures, the hope was to showcase not show off (for all those talented in that area). :P


Fashion Guru
I like it!
2021-11-16 2:23